Elisabeth--Mycoplasma Asthma/Dental Question for Dr. Nicolson

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    Thank you for your kindness in addressing questions regarding mycoplasma etc from our online community.

    In addition to CFS, almost 10 yrs ago I aquired a breathing problem/severe asthma (following dental work) that is/was believed to be mycoplasma pnemoniae infection. I found a specialist and he treated me with antibiotics for 4+ yrs - mainly doxy and then Azithromycin.

    In the last part of the treatment I developed a continuous fever - of 99.5 - 100.5 - and no one could determine why. I started high dose Vit D and sunlight (real/outdoor and panels) the fever responded and went subnormal - 98.4 and steady. If I let up on the D or the sun I seem to have the fever return.

    I am interested in hearing your thoughts on Vit D, supplements, transfer factors, herbs, antioxidants etc that may have an impact on these types of chronic infections. Are there any that you feel are valuable in fighting the negative symptoms of these illnesses? Any we should avoid?

    Lastly, are the teeth/mouth/root canals a reservoir of mycoplasma. If so, is there anything we can do to decrease their effects?

    I read that (endogenous) hydrogen peroxide aides the mycoplasma in attaching to the lung/throat mucosa - is this true and should we avoid hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes?

    Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge of these illnesses!

    Sincerely, Elisabeth


    Your experience with a chronic Mycoplasma pn. infection is, unfortunately, quite common. Often these start from oral infections that are triggered by dental work such as root canals, extractions, etc. or from periodontal disease. The infections may be initially localized to the oral cavity at this stage, but eventually they become systemic and cause all sorts of systemic signs/symptoms when they colonize specific tissues. Among the most common are joint, respiratory, cardiac, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, endocrine and vascular systems. Importantly, these are not usually just one infection. They are multiple infections, although one or more infection may be dominant and produce characteristic signs/symptoms.

    Often mycoplasmal infections mimic certain chronic diseases or actually initiate the disease, such as asthma and COPD, heart problems because of endocardtis, myocarditis, endocarditis and valve infections, rheumatic diseases such as RA, among others, CNS symptoms (mimicking chronic depression, memory loss, dimentia, etc.), GI problems (mimicking IBS and other inflammatory bowel conditions), endrocrine disorders, such as pancreatitis (mimicking diabetes), thyroiditis (mimicking Graves Disease) and other endocrine diseases. They routinely cause vasculitis by colonizing vascular endothelial cells, and then this triggers vascular inflammation and release of inflammatory cytokines, clotting substances and immune modulators.

    Treating such infections is usually complex and involves not just Abx but also boosting immune systems, various supplements, Lipid Replacement Therapy, diet, etc. (more information can be found on our website www.immed.org under Treatment Considerations).

    As to your comment on hydrogen peroxide, the useful concentrations to aid microorganism attachment are very low, and much, much lower than treatment doses, which are generally cytostatic (growth inhibiting) to these microorganisms. Thus we recommend hydrogen peroxide mouth washes, baths, etc. and oxygen therapy in general as an adjunct to more traditional Abx therapy, especially for oral, dermal and other superficial sites.

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    Dear Dr. Nicolson,

    Thank you so much for your sage and thoughtful reply to my question. This information is very helpful to me and it gives guidance to those of us suffering from mycoplasma infections.

    I will visit your site and look forward to studying the treatment considerations you have outlined.

    Thank you again,

    Elisabeth[This Message was Edited on 09/15/2010]

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