Elivel or Klonopin?? Which do you perfer please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Carlacat

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    I have a doc appt tomarrow and I'm thinking that I may want her to swith my meds. I'm taking elivel 25 mgs now and its starting to not help me with my sleep. So whats your opinion..I heard Klonopin is good for that.
  2. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    I have a doc appt tomarrow and I'm thinking that I may want her to swith my meds. I'm taking elivel 25 mgs now and its starting to not help me with my sleep. So whats your opinion..I heard Klonopin is good for that.
  3. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I've never taken Elavil, but know people who do complain about weight gain. I haven't noticed a problem with that and Klonopin. I definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep when I started on Klonopin.

  4. Mikie

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    They are two entirely different approaches. I was also given Elavil when I first started having so much pain before I was diagnosed. Sure enough, it made me sleepy at night, but it did nothing for my pain and I awoke without feeling refreshed; in fact, I felt groggy. I also managed to rapidly gain 20 pounds. Then, I was given Flexeril, a muscel relaxant in the same family of drugs. Same thing happened as with the Elavil, including another 20 pounds. Now, I've gained 40 pounds and nothing else. As you know, Elavil is an antidepressant in the triciclic family.

    Klonopin is a benzodiazipine which is an antiseizure or antispasmodic drug. It helps with sleep by quieting the brain and allowing us to slip slightly into the coma state which normal people can achieve in order to sleep. Seems the neurons in our brains are always misfiring placing us in a slight state of seizure. This is what makes quality sleep impossible for many of us. It is also what causes RLS, anxiety, and sensory overload.

    I love my Klonopin and cannot imagine giving it up. There have been some here who have read that Klonopin is addictive. Dr. Cheney says it isn't, but we do become physically dependent on it and must be slowly weaned off if we quit. Some claim it does not provide good stage four sleep, but you couldn't prove it by me. I awake feeling refreshed and rested most days.

    Some say long-term benzo use will cause depression. We have many here who have taken the Klonopin without this side effect. Finally, some say long-term benzo use will cause brain damage. Dr. Cheney says that not correcting the seizure state in our brains will cause brain damage.

    There, whew, I think I've covered all the bases, pro and con. You can read Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin in our library here. I highly recommend it because it does such a good job of explaining how our brains are deficient and how the Klonopin works. Oh, and BTW, it also gets rid of my tinnitus.

    Love, Mikie
  5. LuvMeCritters

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    I've been on Klonopin for about 7 months now. Starting with .25 for a wk, to .5 for a wk, to .75 for a wk, then finally an entire 2mg tab/night. This was for restless leg syndrome and to help me sleep. I guess I built up a tolerance, because about a month ago it stopped helping me sleep. So then I was put on two, 2mg tabs/night. Still not working. So as of this week my doc has prescribed me to stay on the two, 2mg tabs, but split one up during the day in quarters, and take one whole one at night, along w/a new med called Remeron 15mg, which is supposed to help me sleep.
    He's going to up it to 30mg next month (why I have know idea). I was on Elavil for about two weeks, when my illnesses first started and it made me a zombie, so I quit it on my own. It was to help me sleep and for anxiety. Sorry if I rambled. :) Sometimes it's hard not to when you're talking about meds...especially when a person can be on sooooo many. lol

    Good luck to you and hope you find something to help you sleep better. :)

  6. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    At first it seemed to help but I do have RLS and I have to take it at 8.00 at night for it to start even doing any good when I go to bed at 10:30 then I lay there for hours waiting to fall asleep inbetween leg cramps and pains. Some nights I'll lay for 4 hrs cause I dont want to get up and wake my hubby who has to get up at 4:00am and go to work. Cause if I get up then my babies(dashounds)have to get up and they bark and wake him up..so I lay there and count floaters in my eyes...LOL
  7. karen2002

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    Initially I was prescribed 25 mg. of elavil at bedtime for sleep. We kept raising the dose, as it did not help, until we reached 70 mg. It increased my restless leg syndrome immensely, and did not aid in sleep ( I was waking at least 20 times some nights). I have since switched to klonopin, and am waking up once during the nite, to visit the potty. Restless leg syndrome is gone, and it has helped with sensory overload, and anxiety as well.
    Best wishes! Karen
  8. sheelanagigs

    sheelanagigs New Member

    i am not sure anyone can give you the response of "which is best"....it's a trial and error ting, sadly. everyone's body is going to respond differently, so ti's trial and error as to what works and what doesn't. the good news is you are seeking awareness of side effects and reactions to meds and keeping that in perspective.

    my personal rule of thumb is: i don't stay on anything longer than a year; i wean myself off and use something else for six months or so and then go back to what works. i am blessed that several combinations of meds work for me and also blessed that this stuff ebbs and flows.

    i was on and off klonopin for three years; it stopped working. so now i take ambien for sleep and flexeril for pain. thank goodness it's working okay. tomorrow, who knows?

    take care
  9. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    About five years ago when I was being treated for major depresion that didn't respond to anything I tried my doc finally switched me from Serzone to Remeron. After that I felt better almost immediately. I didn't need the usual build up time, it happened within just a couple of days.

    Why? Because my major problem was not depression it was CFS and FM. Remeron helped me sleep and so I felt better almost overnight after being on a different antidepressant for over six months and being told it would just take time. Took me four more years to get the dx right.

  10. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    I've had been on Elavil for quite awhile & gained a ton of weight on it. I wouldn't recommend it. The entire first month you awake extremely groggy. I've never tried Klonopin. I recently started the ZMA which is sold on this site & it seems to be doing the trick. Good luck.

    Mike...I never, ever heard that we're considered to be having slight seizures, and that is why we don't sleep. I'll definitely have to get that article you mentioned from this site. Thanks. dolsgirl
  11. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    I have neuropathy in my legs and besides the RLS I have pain in my legs from that so I think I'm definitly gonna need something to take the pain away and to make me sleep.
  12. karen2002

    karen2002 New Member

    with the neuropathy, and rls...i would consider the klonopin. It sure has gotten rid of my rls, and other neuro symptoms from pain, to sensory overload.
  13. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member


    I have been on both for sleep

    The Elavil kept me groggy all day (10 mg), I gained 20 lbs, had problems with my blood pressure being lowered and stopped helping with the sleep

    I am now taking a small dose of Klonopin (even though I am not happy about it) It helps me to sleep and I really haven't noticed any side effects other than sleepiness.

    I know they say it is addictive, but to me is definitely better than a similar drug Ativan (this is extremely addictive and harsh on my system)

    Everyone however reacts differently to drugs

    I would rather be on an antidepressant than Benzo, but....
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Klonopin is not addictive but you can become physically dependent on it and must slowly wean off of it if you decide to quit taking it.

    Dr. Cheney has a good article on Klonopin here in our library. I highly recommend it because it shows what is going on in our brains with our illnesses. Dr. Cheney is an expert in CFS, but so much of what he studies is applicable to FMS as well.

    Love, Mikie
  15. momof3dancers

    momof3dancers New Member

    Amnitriptyline...and it made me feel worse.. sureI slept. but for the 2 weeks that I took it I woke up every AM feeling HUNG over!! I hve no knowledge of the Kllonopin..but I will NEVER TAKE the amitrip (Elivel) again!!