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    I've been away from the boards for a little while because I have been working and juggling the kids and life again (remember me? postpartum depression).

    I was wondering if anyone has heard more about Ellie? Her post has me concerned.

    Ellie, if you are okay, please let us on this board know. I pray that your heart was changed into sticking life out. God did not promise perfect health in this life nor riches nor fame. Re-read the BE-ATTITUDES...Blessed be the...

    God promises wonderful things for those who had hardships in this life and still put their faith and trust in HIM. Your blessings will be far greater than mine because you still looked to HIM even with all your heartache and pain.

    Those who believe without seeing!!! Do not be a doubting Thomas.

    May God give you peace in your spirit, Ellie!!! And remember that you are loved.