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    I just started going to the Fibro and fatigue center in Norwalk. Have they been able to help? I have been diagnosed with CFS and not fibromyalgia. What has helped you the most and what supplements do you take? Thanks

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    I'm going to do a cut and paste from another response I gave, to make it easier for me. I am not seeing as much improvement as I would like, BUT, much of this I have already been doing for YEARS, AND, I have run low on money so have not been doing full doses or consistent dosing of supplements. So. I won't for next appt until I have been compliant for 1 full month. I HAVE been up an around a bit more, and can stand long enough to wash the dishes at least. Here goes.

    FFC Questions Answered,,, 02/14/06 10:22 AM

    1. Since November 2005
    2. Once a month or every other month.
    3. Have had NO IVs.
    4. N/A
    5. N/A
    6. Love the doctor, staff is very friendly.
    7. No weight loss, I WISH
    8. Little bit better. Moved up on notch on my Totem Pole.
    9. Maybe 10% better
    10. Compounded Cortisol?
    11. If you have not previously addressed hormones, mitochondrial dysfunction, sleep, immunity, virus, stealth infections, nutrition, then you will likely see a MAJOR improvement. I had been addressing these for years, so most of my treatment protocol is not new to me.

    If FFC is not for you, then perhaps a Integrated Medicine Doctor or Naturopath (these are MDs, who also use other types of therapies, herbal, supplements, protiotics, massage, amino acids, lots of good stuff)

    Believe it or not, I have been using these or similiar versions of these for many years, with the exception of the Cortisol. But had tried many types of Adrenal Support formulas, licorice, extracts, etc.

    My list after 2nd visit and obtaining test results was:

    1. Compounded Rx. forT3/T4 for hypothyroid and thyroid antibodies and reverse T3.
    2. Compounded Rx. for Progesterone Cream
    3. Compounded Rx. for Estrogen Cream

    4. Rx for Heparin Injections for Hypercoagubility (and syringes)
    5. Rx for Famvir for Epstein Barr Virus
    6. Metformin for Insulin Resistance

    7. Chelated Iron for Anemia (supplement)
    8. Pregnenelone w/DHEA for low levels of each (supplements)
    9. Transfer Factors, immune system is in the toilet (supplements)
    10. MitoMaxNT - for energy (supplements)
    11. Rest & Restore - GABA and herbs for sleep (supplements)

    I skipped a month to ramp up on all this and updated with doc by phone (No charge) and he stopped:

    #4 Heparin
    #5 Famvir


    Compounded Cortisol (adrenal insufficiency)
    Lumbrokinase (an enzyme to continue the job of dealing with Hypercoagubility

    3rd Visit. Added:

    1. Artemisinin (Anti-viral, anti-malaria, anti-cancer)
    2. Argentyn (Enhanced Colloidal silver, antibacterial, anti-viral, an immune stimulant)
    3. CORvalenM (supplement) for energy and mitrochondria
    4. NK Stim (Supplement, immune stimulant and energy)
    5. Testosterone (now in Compounded cream, instead of tablet)

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    Thanks for reply. Treatment is expensive and I am wondering about all these meds and supplements. I would like to know if anyone is growing and drying any of the herb in supplements. You mentioned artemesia for instance. I just don't know if I can afford going.