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    Hi! I'm the person who began seeing Dr. Gersten a few months ago and just started on the supplemetnts he recommended. I noticed that you are on RichVan's simplified methylation protocol and wondering if you are also doing Dr. G's supplements. What part of Dr.G's protocol are you following and how are you feeling?

    Since I'm new to his protocol I'd like to hear how you are doing. You are the only other person I know who is working with him. Keep me posted. Thanks!

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    I'm here.

    I did start the methylation unblocking protocol back in March or April of 07, but had to abandon it, due to HEAVY detox.

    Had my Data Review with Dr. G a couple weeks ago. Haven't purchased all my supplements yet, money, you know. Had a few, bought a few, not many. Did he talk to you about EARTHING? He felt that was more important for me to pursue, even before starting my supplements, so waiting for that to come.

    I've got a couple different NASTY skin infections, causing me some severe problems right now and need to get this under control before I start his protocol. The prescribed Rx's aren't getting rid of it, so going to try to beg/and cry my way into my Dermatologist office today. HA! Usually takes 3 months to get an appt. Also, have a brewing kidney infection I need to get checked TODAY. I just want it to all go away.

    I saw in your posts that most of your testing wasn't covered by insurance. All of mine were. I think I used Genova Diagnostics (the old Great Smokies Labs). Just a small co=pay on them. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Made copies front and back of my card and they submitted for me.

    I'm in such a horrible mess right now that I don't dare start anything to add to my misery. I've got so much going on, in addition to my usual CFids/fibro crud, it's almost overwhelming me.

    I'm really anxious to hear how you do with his protocol too. And you're lucky to live close enough to see him in person. I will definately let you know how I'm doing, once I get going on treatments. Just not much to report yet.

    Take care,

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    So sorry to hear about your current medical situation, sounds very painful and overwhelming. Hope you are able to get into the dermo and have them give you something for relief. Kidney infection, wow, that sounds horrible as well. Hope by this time next week you will be feeling much better.

    Yes, Dr.G did strongly suggest I purchase the Earthing products before I start the supplements and I did that. I boght the Earthing sheets and started using them last week. Cannot say that I have noticed a difference in terms of pain or sleep, but hopefully that will come later.

    I started four of the (23) supplements he suggested. I have a very sensitive system so he recommended that I start with only 4 (All BAsic, B-Complete, NeuroBalance, TriPhos-B). Initially when I started last week I did get nauseous, with intestinal cramping and diarrhea, but that only lasted a day. Just goes to show how sensitive my system is and that I have to take it real slow.

    Dr.G has been great in answering my emails about questions that come up. I will start the Nizoral today. I apparently have a very high yeast overload which needs to be treated. If you are interested in my test results and the supplements he put me on, look up my post entitled "Update from visit with Dr. Gersten in San Diego, CA".

    I will keep you posted. Take care and rest.

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