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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Scapper, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Scapper

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    Hi -- I just posted a question to you on another thread but thought I'd make my own post so you see it :)

    How much B6 do you take with your L-tryptophan?

    I take 1000mg of tryptophan and I just bought B6 to add on but I'm not sure on how much. I remember seeing you post that one should take B6 with it but I never have until now.

    Does the B6 increase the tryptophans benefit?

    Thanks, scapper
  2. elliespad

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    Must be taken with Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxal 5` Phosphate) is necessary for Tryptophan metabolism and conversion to Serotonin and so conversion takes place in the brain and not the intestines. I take either a 25 mg. or 50 mg. tablet, whatever I happen to have bought. Take your B-Complex earlier. Oh, and don't take in any protein foods.

    Just curious, what brand did you buy? Please don't say Drs Best. Hope you have a great nights sleep.
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  3. Scapper

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    I've been taking Source Naturals brand of L-tryptophan for quite a few months now......ever since reading some of your posts and others who mentioned this amino acid.

    Some nights it works and others I'm up all night......last night being an "up all night" night. I'm so sick from this chronic insomnia!!!

    Anyway, I remember seeing you post about L-tryptophan needing B6 to convert to Serotonin but I kept forgetting to buy it.

    I've taken 50mg the past two nights. I was hoping for a mental lift but I'm not feeling any difference (yet). I think this lack of sleep is overriding any benefit I could possibly feel.

    Anyway, thanks for the info!!!

  4. Mar19

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    I've been seeing information about this more and more. I remember when it was pulled from the market, what was it, 15 - 20 years ago? Does anyone know the how or why of the decision to put it back on the shelves?

    I used to take it back then. My sister would get on my case, she had read bad things about it and didn't want me to take it.

    I never had any problems with it. I used it before bedtime and it allowed me to get a restful night's sleep and wake w/o any "hangover" type feeling at all.


  5. victoria

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    The ONLY reason why it was taken off was because one batch from one mfr in Japan was accidentally contaminated during production. Even tho NO other company was involved and it was only one batch, the FDA had it removed under the pretense that it was dangerous.

    It wasn't the L-tryptophan itself that was dangerous, it was the contamination and what it caused... eosinophilia I think it was called... you can probably find that history on the internet I'm sure.

    It was allowed back on the market about 12 years ago but ONLY by RX thru compounding pharmacies... it was only the past couple of years that it was again made available without RX.

    The theory is that too many people found it worked well for sleep and was cheap compared to RXs ... and was too much competition for the RX drug companies... who knows... I wouldn't doubt it unfortunately, at this point in my life.

    all the best,

    PS: the best brand is Lidtke

  6. elliespad

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    Thats' right. In fact, the same week that the contamination occurred, PROZAC was introduced to the marketplace. Coincidence? Uh-huh.

    AND, amazingly, the Eosinophelia Myalgia Syndrome it caused, which is ODDLY similiar to CFIDS, has as it's ONLY RECOGNIZED FDA APPROVED TREATMENT? Would you believe? L-Tryptophan! So, yes, the FDA later said that the only treatment for Eosinophelia Myalgia Syndrome, (which the CONTAMATED L-Tryptophan caused) was L-Tryptophan.
  7. Mar19

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    thanks, elliespad and Victoria. I've been wondering about this for a while now.

    Back when I was taking L-tryptophan it really did help me, better yet, no side effects that I can think of. My sister was one of those people who would hound a person ~ and hound she did. At the time she lived a few doors away from me and made me and L-t her personal crusade. Ü

    Interesting fact about L-t being taken off the shelves in the same time frame that Prozac was introduced. Hmmmm.

    When I go to my next FM doc visit I'm going to have to discuss this with him, see what he says. It's time to re-think my meds anyhow. In the meantime, I'll try researching it online when I'm able to spend enough time in front of the computer.