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  1. mimilove

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    Do you know how I can be tested for mycoplasma? I read HMO will not test but you do need Dr's referral right?
  2. elliespad

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    I was Dx. with T-Strain Mycoplasma, of the Cervix, before I ever had children, so more than 23 years ago. It was dx. by taking a Cervical Culture during PAP test. At that time, my Dr. told me that the ONLY problem this could cause would be INFERTILITY down the road. If I ever wanted children I should treat it, if not, there was no need to treat it. BUT, back then, when I asked if I could have AIDS (because of all my symptoms) she said if I didn't have homosexual sex or IV drug use, that I COULDN'T get AIDS. So,,,we know how much doctors were taught about Mycoplasmas and chronic illness and about AIDS.

    I believe the only way to test for Mycoplasma in the blood is by PCR testing. I have not had this done. I often wonder if my previous Mycoplasma infection is causing any ongoing problems. May ask for PCR testing myself, next I go to a doctor.

    Now, I LOVE this doctor. I still go to her after all these years. I love her like a mother, it is weird, I know.
  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I think it MAY be a big piece of the puzzle, for SOME people. Even IF I were to show active infection with Mycoplasma, I don't think it is the BIGGEST piece of MY puzzle. And not even a big enough piece for me to request being tested again, after all these years.

    God designed our bodies to deal with viruses, bacteria, parasites. Having ongoing problems with "stealth" infections, in my book, is likely a consequence of DD, not the other way around.

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