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    i see you posted some time back on the subject of Patricia Kane's treatment.

    did u ever try the tx.. IV lipids and glutathione and if so, what results did u have?

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    I just responded to your other post on IV LIPIDS. I wanted to see her, but as she is a Ph.D. and not an M.D., I wouldn't get any insurance reimbursement, so I opted to go to Woodlands Healing Center in Pennsylvania. They were doing the same protocol. By the time of my appt. they had discontinued the IV Lipids, so I elected to do the IV Glutathione treatments locally. My PCP does them. I had 10-15 treatments but nothing dramatic. I spoke to him last week, and he suggested restarting them. I'm not sure. I'd really like to do the whole shabang. There is a group of Dr.s in Albany doing the treatments, and I may do some sleuthing to see if I can get some names of patients. I'd rather go to her or Dr. Braccia.

    Where are you located? Any doctors near you doing these treatments?[This Message was Edited on 11/02/2006]
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    why did Woodlands give up on teh IV lipids?? Did they explain?

    I'm doing IV glutathione. I think it's helping. Expensive tho, and don't know if insurance will cover.

    I think I may just try a lipid supplement ...phosphatidlycholine....

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    so they wouldn't give an answer. Interesting.
    Did u read her book? Is it worht paying for ?
  5. Pardon the intrusion, but, I just wanted to say that I did I.V. glutathione 3 times a week for 6 months. I was on
    23(00)(?cc's or ml's? fog) (x's 3).

    It was over $400/month with the saline that is mixed with. I got my needles free, because home health care gave them when they would come, to teach myself & family how to insert the huber needle into my Port-cath in my left chest.

    I also *mostly* got my heparin free from the nurses, and the syringes for the saline & heparin flushes free, so just for the Glutathione, saline to mix, and Large syringe (30ml) it was $400 & I was just told by my NP it would not be covered by insurance, I was billed directly through our checking acct & sent the receipt (mine was shipped from Wellness pharmacy in Birminham, Ala. because, a neuro I flew to Florida to see just used them) I'm in Indiana..

    I only got the port-cath put in after 3 months of being stuck 12+ times a week by a sweet, but...I feel...umm...not up-to-date on phlebotomy? vein poking skills. Always blew my veins, collapsed them etc. I was horribly bruised, so 3 mths in, I had the port cath put in...3mths later, it came out due to infections & it's inability to heal (partially due to being on steroids, and *sigh* like fibro...a lot of stuff was instantly blamed on "MS" (slow healing, etc)--although the surgeon also chewed some nurse behind, because THEY inserted the needle right in the fresh incision, week 1.

    ANYWAYS--My question would be..or rather suggestion & question....is... Insurance covers B12 for people...it's a natural substance our body produces/needs...

    Well, the body also produces/needs glutathione, so* IF your insurance refuses...I would ask "why, you cover B12 do you not? Glutathione is also a natural substance produced by the body. People get deficient in it also."

    I wish I'd had the chance to ask my insurance that, I mean, it would make sense to me? Don't you think?

    It's just that 2months of B12 costs about $26....glutathione--well, wayyyyy more. I think that's it, but, it's balogna.

    Good luck to both of you, never heard of IV Lipids, I think I'll look that one up.

    Laura M
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    No, I did not read her book, but have read TONS online. The Glutathione injections were by fast push, done at my local PCP. I'm gonna go get my Explanation of Benefits page, cause I haven't cashed the reimbursement check yet. Hold on,,,,,,,,,,,
    Just looked, I submitted 8 claims for $45 each. They reimbursed 100% !!! $45 for each. I kept resubmitting because they kept denying for wrong coding. Finally coded, with Fibro code, and IV Glutathione, less than (certain # of minutes). Paid it all. I have a PPO plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
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    I have submitted the invoices for glutathione IVs to insurance (120 a pop) and will wait to see what they say.

    But it's not an FDA approved medication/treatment.. so it's at their discretion...

    We'll see.