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    Hi there,

    I'm butting in to give you some unasked for advice on the thyroid antibody question. I'm not going to speak to the methylation supps -- will leave that to R van K.

    Iodine supplementation alone has been shown in a fair number of studies to be a culprit in INcreasing thyroid antibodies. This is particularly so where selenium is insufficient in diet -- a very common finding. Se is perhaps more helpful in reducing the tendency to thyroid autoimmunity. If your daughter is iodine-deficient, I would recommend taking Se along with the I.

    Some studies have shown that eating a gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing thyroid antibody load. However, the majority of these studies have been done with celiacs, who by definition are gluten-sensitive. Nevertheless, early onset thyroid autoimmunity is much more common among celiacs, than in the rest of the population.

    For those who are hypOthyroid with antibodies, it is often helpful to provide thyroid hormone replacement. Doing so can prevent further increase in AB load. If one is hypERthyroid with antibodies, sometimes endocrinologists will recommend a "block and replace" treatment.

    PubMed is a great site for research studies.

    Best wishes, and please forgive my butting in.
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    Please, feel free to butt in anytime. All opinions are welcome and give me more treatment angles to research. She will be visiting me for Thanksgiving and I'm going to get her an appt with my Nurse Practitioner who handles all my hormones. I think she will likely rx Armour and I thought Iodine but I will research that. Will be anxious to hear Rich's thoughts.

    Thank you for your input and feel free to jump in anytime.

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