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    Hi Elsa thanks so much for the response. The vet came out without the ultrasound grrrrr. The other vet had it and she couldn't get it the night before. The Sr vet is coming back in two weeks so we will ultrasound it again later. I like him much better only because her has dealt with so many of these things and he just has a way about him. He is my trainers choice for lameness too.

    We put lounged Nightingale and after her bucking fit and my duel emotions of "OH God please don't hurt yourself and Oh God she really is a magnificent creature" we go her to trot and she is showing a slight hitch. The vet called her 80% better.

    Now she is still being hand walked but 2 times per day for 20 minutes now. The tendon feels firm and there is no tenderness. We a giving her resorbine(sp) for now as she really is jumpy. I am hoping it will calm her some. We are saving the ace for when we get on her hopefully in two weeks.

    We have another horse who had surgery on his knee 14 weeks ago and they are finally on him and this is working well for him so we'll see. They tried Quietex while he was on stall rest and it did nothing. Someone else reccommended Relax Her (Another lame horse) which I did order from Smartpak so I will try that one too. We have 100 horses in our barn and 4 are lame right now.

    In the meantime We are workign on our new house. We have about 6 acres of pasture. There is a lake in the middle fed by an underground spring so it is clear moving water. Do you think horses should have acess to this water supply?

    Also what would be the minumum size ring I should bulid just for fun and pratice. I think we will build a 4 or five stall barn. Thats in the future as i know nowhwere near enouhg to go out on my own and I am enjoying the comraderie of the barn but.... I am thinking of two -three horses and maybe giving a retirement horse a home in the future.

    Sorry so long and Thanks for your help!
    By the way we did go to Hawaii and it was beautiful. We went for a 5 hour ride on Kauii and saw so many rainbows I lost count. I was surprised at how responses the horses were. It was just Dave and I. We went again on the big Island and it was on a 32000 acre ranch and again the horses were great. I even traded off with the guide who was on a new horse. We did great and I handled a situation when a wild pig and her piglets burst out of the brush and my boy had a major spook and run attempt.

    I hope you see sunshine your way soon! Lynn

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    Hey Lynn ....

    I'm glad she is improving ... I know that "oh God, Oh God" feeling ...,LOL Sometimes they don't seem to get it do they?!

    I never really "save" ace for special times only .... It works really well, fast and doesn't drug them forever ... wears off in a decent time frame.

    I had my horse on it alot when he was hurt. Anytime he was going to be "out" moving around he had alittle help. I didn'turn him out on his own for a very long time ... and then only with a little ace IM. Not until he was beyond well did I trust him on his own in a paddock!

    That's why we rode them with ace instead of turning them out or lungeing .... Gave us that control over what they could do playing wise. Keep in mind how "live" mine is though!

    There is an excellent website you can look up for ring / barn construction ... equestrianservicesllc.com. They have tons of info, FAQ's, pictures, etc. I think you'll find it helpful. The dimensions for a good, multi-purpose riding ring is around 100' by 200' ....

    Making these things takes more then I thought back in the day! If I were building my own barn, this would be one area I would cringe and then sign the check for whatever is needed. So much of what you do is centered around that ring ....

    Hummm, what to do to chill your baby out .... Try anything with valerian root in it ... and passion flower. It works so well the associations in charge of competitions ban it ... and can test for it. It helped mine ... that and ace.LOL

    I'v gotta run ... I cannot believe it but a cold front and miosture from the south is about to converge right on top of us .... 1-3 inches by 1-2pm. Snow doesn't bother me ... it's driving in the snow with my fellow southerners who panic when 1 snowflake hits them in the eye that gets my attention! Lord Help Us!!!

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    Bumping for Lynn ....

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    Well so far so good. Nightingale is doing well walking two times per day and I am giving her lots of attention she is the best groomed horse around!

    When I talk abou the paddock we have four paddocks which are level rectangles with soft footing for horses recovering or who need to be isolated for a few days. When we start turn out I will probably put here there instaed of the pasture which has rolling hills and partners in crime!

    We are giving her reserpine right now and she has had it for 3 days so far and seems pretty calm. So far she hasn't needed the ace. Hopefully she will get the go ahead to trot in about a week and a half. The trainer is gonna help me. I was happy to see the supplement I got has everything you mentioned plus camomile and black cohash. Maybe that will help as well!

    I am nowhere near ready to move out on my own but we have a pasture and my husband wants to damn up the creek and create a lake so I was tryng to find up how much space we need for the barn ect so we would pick the best location for a lake. I think the barn is about two years down the road. I am really torn because I love the friendship and camraderie at the barn I am at and the kids. I feel like I am 12 again!

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help and advice and you are really verifying the feedback I am getting which is great! Hoep you aren't too snowed in!!!

    Take Care Elsa. Lynn

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    Glad I finally got to sit down and catch up with you! Sorry it took so long.

    You are more then welcome. I'm happy to help any chance I can, but it sounds like you have some good people around you doing all the right things.

    Reserpine is a good one .... May not even need the ace! So many people were sooo unhappy back in the day when the former AHSA came up with a way to test for reserpine at horse shows. Many of the wonderful, beautiful, very high dollar, perfectly behaved hunters were all of the sudden retired! Oops! Seems they weren't so wonderful without their "little helper"! LOL

    I'm am glad to hear how she is coming along. Sounds right on target. Way cool! I used to have an excellent vet work on my horses from the University of GA. His name was Dr. Hoffman. He worked on a couple of babies from my Jr years, so it's been a while. One of them had the all to familiar soft tissue injury .... suspensory ligament though, not tendon. Not too different .....

    If I was going to build on that property of yours I think I would leave the lake for viewing, riding around or throwing sticks for dogs, etc. I don't think I would want it included in a paddock. Too many biting bugs with west nile, snakes, creepy crawleys .... Plus the pain of cleaning one up who played in it!

    I think I would place the barn on a hill, or elevation that can look down (sloap)at the paddocks and then the lake .... or lake to side paddocks. Either way, have "home" on top. Having exsposure to the good wind draw is great too.

    My horse's barn goes east to west and his side faces south. It can get a nice sun exposure without getting too hot. Always seems to be a good wind flow through there ... But, I'm no architech!

    Look up Morton Barns. They are experts ... have built for many high end people and have lots of options. They can give you alot of good advice and support. They hold their value and are worth it. If ya'll ever sell, having a Morton Barn is a plus.

    I really know what you mean about loving the time spent with others at your barn. It makes it a whole new world for you where you can go and have a big time with a group playing with your life long passion.

    I don't think I could ever give that up completely. There are only a couple of us where I keep Forest ... but I have traveled all over the place with them and have known them for close to 20yrs. Lots of fun and laughter. I don't think I would do well isolating myself.

    You sound so good. That's great! Maybe one of these days we can get together in person. I feel like I have known you for a while, yet never laid eyes on ya. Isn't that strange how particularly strong things in common can bring people together?

    I hope your family is doing well. When is your next check up? Have you finally gotten off of your heperin injections? I think you have been more sick then you thought if you're still having to thin out your blood.

    Whew! Girl, with all the shots I take, no way I'd want to mess with heperin to the stomach. I know I would have done it if I had hypercoagulation .... just oh, so thankful I didn't have that particular ailment!

    I have now started on all my serious mitochondria support. Let me just say that it works! My goodness ... got to get the timing of treatment down .... take some of these things too late and your good to go to the moon and back .... twice!

    Whew wee! Maybe I can combine them, bottle them or reduce it down to powder and sell it to the poor souls looking for that next great high. Might make a fortune and no risk going to jail! What do ya think?

    I think it might be my bedtime. I am obviously getting punchy! Great chatting with you. I hope you had a great night .... Talk to you soon.

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    Bump for Lynn
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    I feel like I know you too and I always enjoy reading your posts! I have done alot of things I never though I would be able to do with this illness and the Heperin shots are one of those things. The funny thing is I have really learned I am made of some pretty tough stuff alot tougher tahn I thought I was which has been a strange upside of all of this.

    I actually have an apt tomorrow morning to get the results of retesting for mycoplasma and EBV and the hyper coagulation. I am hoping to get off of some of the stuff finally.

    Nightingale was really spirited today but in agood way if you know what I mean. I am sorry she has hurt her leg but I have learned alot and really bonded with her. I knwo I will keep her for the rest of her life. She is pretty special. another weird upside to a bad situation!

    I had a lesson on Sophie today. She is a super sweet TB just a little high strung but I am really feeling confident on her now. When I started back riding I hadn't ridden in almost 20 years so I am really still learning so much. I lessoned with another lady who I really enjoy and we had alot of fun. our only prolem is we need to do less talking and more riding!

    I am so glad you have friends to share with. Don't forget those new people who can use all the help we can get too!!!

    I would love to meet you someday. I would love to meet your horse and go for a ride together. Hoepfully we will get there one day soon! Your Friend Lynn
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    YEAH! Ding Dong the witch is dead!! No More Heperin !!!! I'm sorry about the one lone little blip in an otherwise stellar report. But hey .... mucho better then you ever thought possible huh? So, so happy for you!!

    I am hating this weather..... either too cold or too windy or too cold and too windy ... cannot catch a break ... Whine, whine, whine !!! I'm princessing out, I know.

    Too cool ... did ya'll go out and celebrate! Please do ... what an accomplishment. I'm proud of you.

    Husband home now ... bring the fruits of his "hunt and gather" session ... gotta go


    I'll talk soon about that ride![This Message was Edited on 02/16/2006]

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