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    We are doing so well now! I am riding Nightingale with no drugs and she has been such a good girl. I have done almost all of her rehab myself. I am walking her for about 45 miinutes total and trotting straight lines for about 7. We have seen her off just a hair we think twice in the last week (I can't tell at all) but otherwise she is terrific.

    I had the idea of using a martingale on her to keep her from tossing her head or thinking about rearing. It is working well. I just keep her attention on me. I have learned so much and feel very confident on her now. I am practicing getting her to move off my leg when we are wolking in circles so I am at least working on something.

    I appreciate all the suggestions advice and support form everyone! Lynn
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    It is good to hear that things are going so well for you and Nightingale.
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    Thanks Littlebluestem!
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    Sounds great! I'm glad your back on her. I've been hurting alot, so haven't really been posting much.

    I've been daydreaming really bad about riding horse. I want to feel a horse under me.
    Weird uh?!
    I've got horse fever!
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    Have you ever thought about driving? There is a woman at our barn who can't ride anymore and she taught her horse to pull a arraige. she is pretty sporty she goes in the arena and on the gravel roads around our barn.

    There is a really nice man I ride with sometimes. He is 60 and has had a heart problem. he fell off someone elses horse last week and broke 3 ribs and punctured a lung. He was just cutting up and leaning over and fell at a really slow trot. He is contemplating not riding again.

    We have another girl who wears a back brace and rides with it. Hopefully you will get better and feel like getting back on. I knwo your babies love you whether you ride them or not! Lynn
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    Driving is a lot of fun and you can drive your horse younger than you can rider her. I'll stick a photo of me driving my pony in my profile for a few days. The vehicle she is pulling is a tanga, a horse-drawn taxi from India. It belonged to a neighhor of ours.
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    I would love to see a picture of you driving! I don't know much about it but would love to learn more. I jsut can't get enough and there is so much for me to learn!

    The vet was out yesterday and we trotted Nightingale under saddle and on the lounge line and she is looking really good. I feel like I have turned the corner! Finally! She had her teeth floated and her wolf teeth pulled. I had never seen that before.

    The weather here is so beautiful now! Everything is starting to bloom. My yard is filled with daffodils. I wish I could send some your way.

    Take Care,
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    I've been meaning to share a web sight with you, with spanish mustangs. Who knows, maybe you already found it yourself! Since we can't post addresses i'll try and give you directions. (then i'll be done for the day)
    Go to SSMA, southwest spanish mustang assoc., when you find that page look for, breeder list, and click on it, then scroll down list of names until you get to, Robert, and Lousie Painter, click on his web address, and enjoy!!
    He has a Stallion index with some great horses in their!
    He calls them Barbs.

    Nice picture.

    Yes, i've considered driving, but really enjoy riding, last summer i rode my gelding about 5 times. I didn't even have the energy to saddle him. I just rode bareback in the field.

    My friends taking me to the chiropractor today, i hope that helps some of my pain level. I've been creeping around like an old woman. I usally have more trouble with fatigue then pain, so this is a change for me.

    Go get a horsey kiss today!!
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    bumping again!
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    hi lynn -
    i am also a horse lover. i looked at your profile, what a great pic. of you & your son. i have a two and a half yr old little girl, and a almost 15 yr old big girl. i also became quite ill after having my little one.
    you are so lucky that you are feeling well enough to ride, i really miss it.
    i hope soon i can start to ride again. i know just being around horses makes me feel good.
    well good luck to you
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    Lynn - I am driving in the picture that I posted, but I guess you can’t really see me. After we grew up and left the farm, we did not have a cart and harness, so had not driven in years prior to that parade. I doubt that I have any pictures from those early years. We just drove along the roads and fields. We never did any formal driving or competition, other than the county 4-H show.

    Morningsonshine - Thanks for the directions to Painter’s web site. I know it well. It is one of my favorites. You and I really seem to have similar taste in horses. “Great minds run in the same channel”, so they say. ;-)
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    I have been up to my eye balls in work this week .... Friend of mine had a familt emergency in Va., so I have been taking care of both our clients.

    Come the weekend I am going to deserve every break I get!

    I'm thrilled for you .... I know you have quite a sense of accomplishment doing your rehab yourself. Great news on the latest vet check. Looks like she is well on her way to full recovery.

    Martingales are great things .... come in handy for high -headedness and head- tossing .... not so handy for rearing.

    It shouldn't be too tight in that it resembles being "tied down" .... Too tight at a time when she tries to stand up and she hits that martingale .... might go right on over backwards. This you probably already know ... just passing on in case ...

    Happy remission to you ... don't need a doctor to declare it when you are doing rehab work on a bright and sensitive horse!

    Take care dear,

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    Hi horse lover it does sound like we have alot in common. Thoses little ones will wear you out! I was so happy when grant could go to the little church school for a couple of days a week. He loves it and I need it too!

    Actually my 20 year old has been a pain in the tail recently and I am waiting for him to grow up a little!

    Maybe you can ride very lightly or just easy trail riding. Jsut the smell of the barn relaxes me!

    Elsa sound like you have had your hands full!! I hoep your friends are OK. Be sure to get your beautiy rest as I'm sure your'e aware all princesses need their rest!

    Thank you for your advive. Today Nightie had a little bucking episode but I turned her in and stayed on, barely. It did shake me up a little. Its also that time of the month so everything is magnified! We decided to try her off reserpine I'm not sure how long it takes to wear off. I may just put her back on until she is cantering and I can turn her out into the round pen. I'm a very brekable weinie! Lynn

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    I vote a great big ABSOLUTELY put her back on recerpine until things are all the way back to normal, ie being turned out daily and back into her regular schedule.

    It is not going to hurt her .... Both of you will have a much better time with the edge knocked off a bit vs her being an all out bronco. Trust me .... It is not a poor reflection upon you riding skills or bravery to medicate a horse that's coming out of stall rest .... right at springtime!

    Look at it this way if someone gives you a hard time .... You have your husband and children to think of. You can't afford to "be a purist and go natural" (as I have heard some arrogant young rider declare once .... right before I chewed him up and spit him out,lol) .... You are riding because horses are one of your passions .... Not to risk anything when you don't have to.

    Can you tell I believe in controlling a newly back to work rehab horse? Just go with your instincts and remember this is for fun and not to test you toughness or rodeo preparedness!

    Thanks so much for the princess update! I most certainly will hit the sack ... alot this weekend! I am so pleased with how I came out of it. I kid you not I worked 58.5 hours this week .... All high energy and lived to tell about it. Fully expected not to be able to move today, but doing much more then that.

    Of course, because I am a PRINCESS, I will be going back to bed soon ... more along the lines of "because I can" and not because fibro has taken me out. Oh happy day!

    Have fun this weekend and be safe while your at it. It's good to hear from you.

    Pretty soon I'll be body clipping .... lots of fun on a 17.1 hand well fed grey horse! I'll be blowing out grey hairs for a week,lol!

    Take care,

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    I watched my two year old herd deer out in the pasture yesterday! I couldn't believe her, head down snaking along in a long flowing trot.
    We have three deer that come thur the horse pasture everyday, right thur where the horses eat, not very far from the house. I watch them almost everyday thur the kitchen window.
    They come floating thur in single file, then go over the fence in picture perfect form 1,2,3!! They are right next to the horses, infact one day there was a doe eating hay with them.
    Anyways, the other day, i caught Wind herding them. She cut out the lead deer, and put in over the fence in one corner, then with head down, and ears back, she circled around the second deer, and herded it thur the pasture and put it over the fence where she wanted it to go. By that time the third one was gone.
    Then she was so pleased with herself, she goes booking over to the other horses (who were ignoring all this). She jumps straight up in the air, all fours of the ground, and comes down mouth wide open on my geldings withers.
    Of course he tells her to go away and continues to ignore her. She runs off bucking like a bronco, lots of "above air" moves in there!
    I'm thinking, with moves like that, i'm not to sure about getting on her in the future!!!LOL
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    You need to be a writer if you aren't already. I had a perfect mental image of the events you witnessed in your own backyard.

    I found myself laughing and feeling on top of the world just like Wind after her successful herding. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing ....

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    Nightengale has no business playing rodeo bronc while she is coming off stall rest. She could hurt herself as well as you.