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    on another post you wrote that untreated pain results in nerve damage. I had always thought I was helping myself by going for as long as possible without taking pain meds, am I actually causing more damage in the long run. My doc tells me I possible have nerve end damage in my feet although I dont drink alcohol and I'm not diabetic, is this the kind of thing that would happen do you think?


    Elsa mentioned a book you spoke about by Devin someone, she couldnt remember name. I looked on your profile but couldnt see it in any of the titles. Could you let me know what it is please.

    Thanks both, so much.

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    Yeah, it is a pretty documented occurance with under treated pain. Alot of doctors are more worried about the responsibility of a patient becoming physically dependent, and some totally uneducated doctors think you will become phychologically addicted overnight.

    This is the second time today I have mentioned dependence and pain medication. I really need to get off my hindend and post the research papers I have concerning properly treated pain ... with narcotic meds if necessary ... and dependence/addiction. I'll get on it I promise.

    You could very well be causing nerve damage by waiting until the very last minute before taking you meds.

    It is much better to take them as rx'ed. It would potentially avoid the nerve problems like in your feet and it also has the best chance of getting the pain under control by "breaking the pain cycle".

    I used to laugh at that phrase, but it is the dead honest real thing. I take tramadol and it works well ... 2 every 6 hours.

    But sometimes there is more to my pain ... breakthrough or from doing too much. My doctor made me keep flexeril for those times. He said to take a small amount every few hours continuously for at least 36-48 hours to ... break the pain cycle.

    As I live and breath, he was absolutely correct. It does break the cycle ... kind of like re-training the brain to let go of that pain impulse. Or a record that has a scratch and the needle is stuck in it ... the extra med on a regular timing schedule, gets the needle out of the scratch and all is back to normal.

    I'm not sure I explained this very well, but trust me on this ... it does work. There is a chance that by taking a certain big boy med for a prescribed length of time, your body will "let go" of a particular pain impulse and then you can get back to taking a less strong medication without the previous BAD pain. ... Just everyday, ordinary FM pain.

    Try taking your medication as rx'ed. It really is better for you and has a better chance of working for you. If you are worried about dependence, then as soon as I can post it, look for the my research information on pain treatment.

    I'm not certain about this without my notes, but muscle damage may also occur along with nerve damage.

    Muscles (with the right hormones, ie testosterone and growth hormone) can repair themselves while nerves cannot. Once they are damaged, they don't repair themselves.

    Don't feel bad about this. I have some nerve damage in my feet too. Some from not getting treated for CFS/FM as early as I should have, and some from repeat cases of minor frostbite. I don't drink or have diabetes either.

    Think this over and read Devin's book(s) or exerpts on the web. Many fibro sites talk about them in depth. In fact, our website here has some articles on her.

    Take care,


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    Hangin for the advice where to find Devlin. Cant buy the book here I checked but will check out USA sites.

    Elsa - this is all very interesting, I see I've been doing myself no favours. I'll look out for the research stuff, please dont go posting it just for me, I can wait.

    I take pethedine which is a strong narcotic here in UK and co-codamol,the strongest. I worry so much about my liver being damaged but now I'd better worry about my nerve ends. This actually makes me feel better about taking the meds.



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    Her name is Dr. Devin Starlanyl

    She's amazing, both as a survivor and an advocate. She initially started writing because she had the same sort of troubles we all do getting diagnosed and treated properly..

    All of her books are great...I've read "fibromyalgia...a survivors manual", and "the Fibromyalgia advocate"...

    Both incredible.

    Also both available at the library, if you're watching your pennies.

  5. orachel

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    When you do get time to post that info/studies on undertreated pain could you page me with it, or just page me to let me know its up? I'm having a ROUGH time of it lately, and haven't been able to spend as much time here as I'd like.

    Usually, I just search for orachel in title, and that way I know if anyone is trying to hail me.

    I'm very interested in this info, as I'm still hunting for docs who will treat me compassionately and with medication that at least touches my pain. I have an appt with new )potential) pcp on the 27th, and a few days later, with an MD who my phd in pain management sent me to in lieu of pain clinic...

    Very concerned that ongoing high levels of pain is adversely affecting me in a big way, and would love any info you might be able to offer to support that.

    Again...thanks so much for all of your (VERY GENEROUS!) time and help.


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