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    does this mean?? Anyone had free t3/free t4 by dialysis( a blood test) I saw a new Rheumy who is checking for thyroid disease and for other autoimmune diseases as well. I was thrown by the "dialysis."

    I am happy to have found someone who is very thorough and checking everything out.

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    Anne C don't know anyone else?
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    thanks for the bump :)
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    What I know sure ain't much!

    Anyhow -- I did a Google search on "equilibrium dialysis". (At least I think that's what I used...)

    It turned out that it is a slightly more complicated form of testing. It uses a small sample and a receptor (fluid?) separated by a membrane which can be penetrated by whatever it is that they're testing -- protein binding, etc., etc. (I guess that would have to include hormones since your doctor is doing the thyroid tests.) When the sample and receptor fluid have stopped 'exchanging', then the level of the substance of whatever can be quantified.

    I also happened upon a site for one of the major lab corps and under "equilibrium dialysis" it said that it required a special okee-dokee (my editorializing) to order, and that it may be ordered by endocrinologists.

    I'm sure that answered your question -- clear as mud, right? If anyone finds something more understandable, please post!

    In any case, I am relieved to learn that it doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I think of as 'dialysis'!
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    Hey .... Just saw your post.

    Equilibrium dialysis testing of free T3 / free T4 is a specialized test that can show if a patient clearly has hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism as a primary illness.

    This type of testing rules out thyroid being under the influence of a non-thyroid illness.

    Example .... It is normal for T4 levels to drop when one is sick, however the free T4 portion will remain unchanged in someone who does not have primary thyroid disease.

    If both total and free T4 came back (while using equilibrium dialysis), low then one could have an illness plus thyroid disease.

    I guess your doctor is trying to make sure you don't have both thyroid disease, (ie hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism) AND cfs/fms as primary illnesses.... and that they are independent of each other.

    I have to admit tho it sounded like he is trying to prove that CFS/FMS does not effect T3 / T4 or cause someone to be hypothyroid .... (This would be an example of hypothyroid as secondary illness.) I could be so wrong about that impression, so please forgive me if I am.

    My tests were not by equilibrium dial. ... As I understand it, it is specialized and more expensive.

    I hope this helped you some .... I have very limited knowledge on lab testing ... As you can probably tell, LOL!

    Good luck on your testing ... keep us posted on how they come out.

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    Your Knowledge is greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted on the test reports. He is also checking for vasculitis, antiphospholipid antibodies. I went to see him for a second opinion concerning my feet which he feels the pain, discoloration is brought on by the dysregulation of my Sympathetic Nervous System, an RSD type of syndrome.