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    I would like to chat with you about the full body tendonitis you experienced as well as the hormone protocol you are on.

    I know we can't give email addresses etc. on this forum but is there another way I can chat with you.

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    Hey CBS .....

    The worst tendonitis bout was this time last year .... Both wrists, elbows, hips and right knee. There isn't a whole lot one can do about it .... can only rest so much before life totally passes you buy.

    I used a gel called voltaren emugel ... it's by rx here but I got mine from online pharmacy. I had all the support bandages you can think of. Man, glad that's done!! Every now and then the left wrist will "ping" alittle bit ... but nothing like before.

    Tendonitis is a natural occurrance with Fibromyalgia and CFS. Fibro aims for the soft tissue ... So many immediately (and rightly) think of muscle, but they should also put tendons and ligaments in there.

    We don't get level 4 ... deep wave sleep ... we don't spike GH right after exercise like normals ... When we don't do these things there is no chance to repair the microscopic tears that appear everyday in the muscle, tendon and ligament tissues.

    You don't repair today's, tommorrow's or next weeks tears ... there is nothing to do but to go from microscopic to much worse ... and a whole lot more of them.

    GH will help with immune system too .... there is a subset (surprise, surprise, LOL) that does very well on GH treatment for FMS/CFS. I am one of them .... lucky to have something that works so well ... not so lucky due to the price tag.

    Take care,

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    Thanks for more insight into your recovery plan. Did you do this all on your own or have a physician help you out?
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    Thanks for the reply.
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    A mix of both I guess. I took the possibility of FMS in to my doc in the first place and we kind of went from there.

    I started reading everything I could while going on AV treatment. This board really did point me in the right direction. Once I decided what was right for me I went in search of the right medical professional for each job.

    So far I have been very, very pleased with all of them. I guess the saying "be your own best advocate" is really true in our illnesses and quest for better days from them.

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    Bump .....
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    Hey Elsa,

    Thanks for posting all your useful information. I was wondering if any of your doctors could recommend a good CFS specialist in the Philadelphia area. I haven't had any luck with the doctors listed on co-cure. Or maybe there is another resource to find a good doctor in my area.

    Thanks a bunch
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    It's good to her from you ... I don't know of any right off the top but I will certainly ask if any of my docs have contacts or can make recommendations for CFS/FMS specilists in the Philly area.

    I hope you are doing ok .... Thanks for the kind words.


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