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    Abdullah sounds like a wonderful boy with some spirit! I would love to get your advice on some things! You have a lot of experience and there is the possibility we will build a barn and make some purchases. Any chance you would meet me in the chat room to exchange emails?? I will take all the help I can get.

    We are building a house on 15 acres and thinking about horses. I am alittle torn because I like the comraderie and activities at a barn. But our property is adjacent to protected government wilderness area with tons of established trails and there are neighbors with horses.

    I am riding Tellie at my lesson tomorrow. When I went to catch the pony Grant is riding she ran over to the fence and nuzzled me. I just know I will fall in love and want her!

    I am nowhere near your league! If I ever do show it would just be in local for fun shows. I am jumping and getting back in shape. I actually will be needing a horse that wants a best friend and to do some ring work and trails for fun. A sweet disposition not a big challenge. I will need a beginner horse who wants that type of job.

    I would love to see Abdullah! He sounds beautiful. Would love to see a picture of your boy! I am very impressed at how well he has done. I know this treatment is a long road but you will get there! Like you I have a wonderful husband who is supportive! By the way I never told alot of people about my health either. None of the people I used to work with knew. I understand that completely!

    Take Care and thanks for sharing!your stories about Abdullah! Lynn
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    I rode Tellie today but not sure I am clicking with her. For one thing I was slightly intiminated by her she is very sensitive. A good thing I know but I am really working on keeping my hands quiet and I was confusing her some with that and body position. The trainer helped alot and I was doing better by the end of the lesson. She is 17'1" and loves to go! She didn't have her regular bridle and bit so that may make a difference.

    I am gonna try Sophie next week. She is 9 and a TB taken of a farm in KY with her filly when the farm went bankrupt. She has been in training for 4 years. She is a little smaller and I have ridden her once and really liked her. Then I am gonna give Raffeny a try! I will get there! The good thing is all these horse are ridden mainly on the weekend or not that much so with a half lease I can ride most weekday mornings while my son is in school.

    Take Care! Lynn
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    Sorry about being tardy on the response. I didn't realize it was here until just recently.

    I am so glad for you. I'm having a ball reading about your days at the barn and about your lessons. Praise be that remission stuff, huh?!!

    I have been thinking about what you wrote concerning your lesson today. Is there a chance you can keep Tellie in the picture while you continue to ride/look at others?

    Not having the preferred bridle could definately make a difference. .. Plus, that was the first time you road her right? I could be wrong about that one, LOL.

    When looking for something to partially lease, it's great when you can ride them often before agreeing on which lease.

    Besides, it's a ton of fun riding as much as you can during the "try out" phase. LOL

    I thought of something else about your ride today. How long of a break did you take between the last time you where riding alot and getting started again now?

    Reason I asked is that with more time in the saddle, your reflexes and balance will have a chance to come back and strengthen ... and then you might have an easier time with Tellie. It might be different with your hands with alittle more time.

    Then again, you might want something alittle less sensitive. Could be more fun for you with something that requires alittle more leg.

    Just keep in mind while you are looking and trying and having the time of your life .... that it's all about having fun. No matter whether you're showing in Florida or in local shows or trail riding .... It's gotta be fun for Miss Lynn !! Go get 'em girl!!

    This is so much fun hearing about your lessons and days at the barn. It's all so second nature to me. I'm getting a kick out of sharing it with you. Even if you are an obnoxious DAWGS fan .... who doesn't have to good grace not to rub our Tennessean noses in some unfortunate ball game scores! LOl

    Just kidding .... sorta ... give my best to UGG! What is he anyway, UGG the V ?!

    I hope I didn't make a mistake in my last post about my darling horse .... Abdullah is his Dad. I would hate for you to think I am riding around on an Olympic Gold medal winner and World Cup Champ while recovering from CFS?FM! LOL

    My horse's show name is Fortune ... it's short for his registered name. Around the barn he's also called Fortune, and sometimes Forest. That nickname doesn't really apply now, but as a young and dumb baby/pre-green horse, he was so naieve at times that he reminded us of Forest Gump from time to time ... and the name just sorta stuck.

    'Course, his athletic ability has gotten us out of some tight spots, so I can't really in all good consciousness, call him by a derogatory nickname these days. LOL

    I might have an impressive show experience past ... lord, goes all the way back to medium pony days .... but I still have the love of the horses and their personalities and their effect on my everyday life that motivates me.

    As I started to say, past show ring glory is just that ... past. I still so love just being with him. One day I know down to my bones that we'll show again, but I don't have the burning desire to do the indoor shows, or kill myself trying to get nationally ranked anymore. (Doesn't mean I wouldn't mind qualifying though! LOL)

    I'm not sure I explained that well. I'm happy with what I've got, but am looking foreward to complete remission and being able to show ( and of course win, ... can't completely change!) again.

    My schedule is so screwey that I'm not sure I can pinpoint a chat room meeting time. I can share what I know with you though.

    I used to be a professional, with the teaching part being my favorite over showing client's horses, so I have a good idea about how some barn layouts might make your everyday "chores" a bit easier.

    I retired to be able to show only as an Am. and be responsible just for me some time back ... definately prior to CFS/FM.

    I'm alittle different then most I guess. I don't want the responsibility of having horses at my home. It's probably due to the years spent having the buck stopping almost with me in the care of a stable.

    I tend to remind people who are thinking of having a barn and horses on their place, that it is a full time deal.

    That means Christmas, Thanksgiving , Easter, etc.. It limits vacations too.

    Days in winter when the last thing you want to do is go out into the cold ... I'm talking really cold, below freezing cold, times that do happen in the south if not too often ... and having to chip out water buckets on top of still doing the stalls, and feeding. There will be times that you are going to be up around the clock when someone is sick or injured.

    I'm not trying to discourage you at all. It's just so easy to picture the really great fun times ... beautiful fall days riding down a winding trail..., etc and not think about some of the not so fun realities.

    Remeber that the "buck will stop with you" in emergencies or bad weather, etc..

    There, I'm off my box. Don't feel bad, I gave the same darn speech to my sister who did'nt really have any horsecare experience, but loved the animals all the same. She went right out and bought herself a ranch and moved husband and all kicking into the country. LOL

    She's having the time of her life, breeding Standardbreds and working like a field hand. I haven't hand the courage to go out there yet,LOL, but she is as happy as anyone could be. That's all that matters, right?!

    This has gotten pretty long. Why don't you share with me more specifically what you have in mind ... ie barn size, paddocks or large turn out, etc. I might be able to give you some ideas to look further into.

    I've had a great time talking horses with you. It's such fun reading about your day and "hearing" the joy and laughter come through.

    Take care,


    Who are you riding with these days? I have spent a fair amount of time showing in Ga., back in my Jr. days as well as more recent times. I wonder if I might have run across them at some time. Not that I know every last person who ever participated in hunter/jumpers ... but there is that possibility that I might have met them.

    PSS ... OT .. could you tell me about any of the hormone treatments you did/are doing? I wouldn't mind comparing notes sometime.

    Take care ... talk soon,


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    Wow thanks for the post back! Sorry about Fortunes name!! I have a friens who trains with Trina Blankenship. She reffered me to Trina on what to do. I went out and rode a beautiful 35,000 horse named catch with Trina and she directed me to Rebecca Bowman. She has done it all. So far I like her alot and she has been excellent with Grant.

    I haven't ridden on a regular basis for over 15 years sooo... I am definately rusty. After riding Catch that first time I could barely move! I do have the muscle memory and I am getting it back quickly. Right now I am taking a lesson once per week and riding on my own once when Grant has his lesson.

    I will ride Tellie again. I am keeping that option open unless soemone else comes along to lease her. I am riding Sophie again on my own Tues and trying out Raffeny on Thurs. There is definately no problem with me switching around until I make up my mind. All three are owned by teenagers who comeout about 3 times per week so I can ride in the mornings on weekdays when I want.

    As for the work! Yes I have thought about that alot! One of Rebeccas clients moved to a farm a year ago and I am planning on talking with her and checking out her barn. I am in no hurry as I plan on leasing until we get the house built which should take at least 8 months.

    I was thinking if we could find one or two boarders or a boarder to exchange board for some barn work. We have 15 acres but it has protected wilderness area on two sides and vacant land on the other side. We have a lake between us and the other side. Mostly wooded. The pasture area we have marked off is about 6 acres. I has been clared of all the pines in the past and has a very gentle slope. We were thinking a 5 or 6 stall barn. Room for two horses for us. Plus a future pony for Grant and room for one or two others. The purpose of having a boarder would be to share barnwork not to make any money.

    We are not jumping into anything and are in no hurry. We are going to crate a pasture area anyway and one option would be to board and bring the horses "home" on occasion to trail ride at our place. Another concern I have is being isolated and not having the comraderie and activities that go on at a barn. I am a pretty social person.

    So there it is! I am very happy to have your input. I also have to say when I learned how to ride things were different and I didn't exactly have a world class teacher so I need all the help I can get! Too bad you aren't closer. You could probably give me a lesson!

    I think you would only call Fortune Forest out of affection! We have a dog we should have named that! Any way you can post a picture?? I am gonna take some the next time I am at the barn!

    As for my hormones I am only taking the Thyroid medication for Free T3. It comes from a compounded pharmacy and is apparently much better that synthyroid. You have to be tested for Free T3 which is not the usual thyroid test. I will find out the test and the lab if you want.

    Thank you so much Elsa! Your post made my day! Lynn

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    Just posted a new letter-thread to you .....


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