Email To the Governor-OMG it works too

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    Just to share:

    I had e-mailed the governor about what a stressful time it is for filing for SS while having FM. And how you feel you are not believed. Also the long wait.

    Well I received a call yesterday: She said she wasn't with SS but with the review board.

    She proceeded to tell me the SS process. I told her I understood that however:

    She said: We go by all the medical reports.

    I said: It is very difficult to prove FM if you don't have a lot of medical records and how there is no test for it. Only symptoms.

    She said: I understand

    I said:
    Doctors aren't always help unless they have known you for years.

    I also told her: My doctor (which I have only been seeing a few months) Said I don't do SS unless I have know you for like 10 yrs.

    She said: That is Ridiculous because doctors don't have to write a report or anything. They just need to do their job and keep good records.

    I said: I had moved and my previous doctor had said they can’t find my records and I am filing a grievance with the medical board.

    She said: Good for you. We have so many issues ourselves with that happening.

    I said:
    Lawyers have told me to call them back after I have a doctor support in being disabled.

    So it is catch 22

    She said: I can't reply for a lawyer. I have nothing to do with that

    I said but you see how tough this is???

    She said: I understand

    I said: I am worried about going to court without a lawyer.

    She said: The judge only goes by your medical reports too. And he will just ask you a few questions. It isn’t much

    I said: I have worked all my adult life and would prefer to keep doing so. But just can't.

    I asked is it possible to meet with the person who makes these decisions?

    She said: No and it wouldn’t matter. Because there are times even WE disagree with the decisions made too but they only go by the medical records.

    She said: I understand, it must be very difficult.

    I said: It just feels like no one believes me and now we only have 1 income and I couldn't imagine what I would do if I didn't have a husband that works.

    She said: Just so you know. When you appeal, it is different people who look at your case then the ones who made the decision on your first application.

    Sorry this was so long, There was a little more said but you get the jest of it.


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    Hi Darla!

    I'm so proud of you for writing to the governor!
    Good for you for taking charge!

    I found you post to be very informative, as I do not understand much about the process either.

    Hopefully I won't have to, but you never know.
    My DD's seem to be getting progressivly worse.

    Good luck to you!
  3. CockatooMom

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