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    What does cognitive mean? I looked it up but still do not understand. I must really be in bad shape. I suppose it's just something I have never needed to know until now. Maybe I'm just having a bad day, good excuse???


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    nono not here not never! LOL

    cognitive means how well do you understand what is going on.

    I work in a nursing home and someone is graded on their level: are they alert and cognitive. You can be alert, some one who'se eyes ar open they look around. But they are not aware of what is going on around them or what is going with them. You are cognitive.

    When we are sleepy we are not as alert.

    For me the best way for me to figure out what a word means is to use a Thesaurusu even if I just opne up word and type the word and use the one there, then it gives me several other words that mean the same thing, that's so much easier for me!


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    This is SUCH a wonderful site; I wish that I had found it before now. Everyone is SO nice and HELPFUL!!! I have learned so much about FM/CFS and Depression and other issues since I have joined. It's just unbelievable how helpful everyone is here and I am so thankful for such nice/helpful people. Thanks to everyone in advance who might answer my questions.

  4. BlueSky555

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    There ARE a lot of words that have confusion spelling. I don't think about it until I am ready to write the word, then and a big ???

    Thank you!

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    One of you mentioned the fibrofog experience of putting something away in the fridge that doesn't belong, and putting the refrigerated item in the cupboard. Done that! How about this one: taking something out of the fridge and putting it on the counter, then a few minutes later, looking in the fridge for the same item, confounded that you're out of it and you could swear you just bought it at the store. At some point, you turn around and there it is! Right behind you on the counter! AAargghh