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    I am a 19 year old male with no major health problems that I know of. My girlfriend has a fetish for poop. she asked me to use my own poop, spread it on my body, and eat a little of it. she said because it is my own, it shouldnt have an affect because it was in my body already. i did it and that was about two weeks ago, ive been getting dizzy lately and have a lot of other symptoms. mainly dizzyness, i feel congested, feel light headed, feel like im going to faint, chills, i feel like i have a fever but my temperature is actually low sometimes, and i have pale spots the size of bb's on my skin. I went to the E.R. and told them I don't know what it could be, they said I am dehydrated, ran some tests which came back ok, and sent me home. also the said the spots were a yeast infection of the skin and to go home and rub selsun blue on my skin every night for 7 weeks. its been 4 days since the ER visit and I am still sick. what should I do?
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    Research "Coprophilia" and diseases from ingestion of feces and then make your determination. Remember the need to wash hands after using the restroom helps to avoid e-coli contamination (from feces), read about cholera, parasites, etc.
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    Look it up, it exists. In my ex-husband's younger days in college, he worked with someone who one day confessed to his small, but very stunned, group of co-workers that during sex he was aroused with feces (Coprophagia or scotophila, the sexual arousal from feces) and he also engaged in coprophagia (eating of feces). The world is a big place, filled with lots of people.

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    it's hard for a first-time poster to post difficult subjects, and if you think about it you said "I can't imagine anyone who would comply with this request--makes me nauseated . . .". The poster may have felt some judgment and condemnation--personally, I don't judge what two consenting adults do in their sex life as it doesn't impact me.

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    We have to get you researching. Selsun Blue is one of the names for generic Selenium Sulfide, an anti-infective that is used for dandruff, fungal infections of the skin, and for dry and flaky skin. It is also prescribed for other uses besides the scalp.

    A doctor had my son using it when he had a non-dandruff condition of his scalp many years back. My son had to put a lotion on his scalp during the day, but then when washing his scalp had to use Selsun Blue.

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    I realize this is an uncomfortable subject. But, this is a valid concern and question by a new member. The member has since logged back in to see the replies.

    Biker, welcome to you. I hope you will continue to participate with us.

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    And be honest about how this all started. My Dad was a doc and, believe me, most of them have encountered everything. This could be something very serious which was not investigated because you withheld info which might have helped the doc in the ER to help you. I know it's embarrassing but it's even more important to be open and honest.

    There are all kinds of sexual activites in which one can engage but it is a matter of life and death to be careful not to engage in any which compromise your health. I am not judging here; I'm saying to be very, very careful in choosing sexual partners and sexual activities.

    Good luck to you and, please, let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie