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  1. psalmlady

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    I have had Fibro now for 12 years and it seems for the past few years, I have become so embarrassed when I'm just talking away with someone and all of a sudden my words just come out sounding so stupied. The words that I say are not the words that are in my thoughts. This doesn't happen every day, but when it happens, I get no warning, the words just don't seem to come out right. Afterwards I'll think ... gosh, that sounded so stupied! Why did I say that? LOL! - It's really embarrassing around certain people like, psssst ... my husbands family.
    One thing I have learned, never try to impress someone that you know so much about something because it will all come out crazy sounding! :(
    Anyone else here ever have this thing happen?
    ... I sure hope I'm not alone on this! LOL!
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  2. kar1953

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    Yes, this happens to me too. And yes, it can be embarrassing - if you let it! I just make a big joke about it - don't mind me - I'm in my own little fibro world! :) It still bothers me that it happens but I find I deal better if I don't let it get to me too bad.

    So no, you're not alone!

    Take care........Kathi
  3. kerrymygirl

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    Geeezzz I hate that I will call and then blank to the name or what I maybe even calling about. (Anyone)

    I have something which I feel is really profound to say duhhh blank right in the middle. Probably should just sit and pretend I had my tongue cut out.

    Try to make a joke of it, but sometimes I go so blank cannot remember the joke or point I want to make.

    I twisted things like Madwolf, my girlfriend said, the scary point is I understand you. She has fm and we are very close in heart/just not in mi. So I miss someone who understands my silly stuff.

    Just yesterday, doing consumer research project, I mentioned on board for people to make some xtra $$.
    Anyway it lasted longer than some and more questions, I was past my 20. min. limit. I am being watched and recorded. I could not understand what she was saying anymore. Just could not compute?? She just looked at me and I her we ended session. Rather embarrassing for a once 4pt. student.
    Then getting home was a whole other experience. All I can say is I got alot of fingers, and honking. Rush hr.

    Good thing I still have a sense of humor. Could have been some nasty road rage scene`s.
  4. BabsFl

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    Thanks for posting! It is so nice to find out I am not just dingy! This happens to me alot. I like coming here because I am better at expressing myself this way at least if I mess up I can go back and fix it before anyone knows. lol

    Thanks again, you are not alone!!

  5. Shirl

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    At yourself! I do these things all the time. What makes it worst with me, I am a tremendous reader. I have been reading books since I was five years old.

    Now my daughter and granddaughter had gotten into books. Well they borrow from my library. Then they read the book and want to discuss it with me.

    Low and behold, sometimes I can't even remember the title or the author of what I loaned them! Makes me mad, but I just laugh about it.

    My husbands attitude is that I have run out of 'tape' in my brain, I clogged it up with so much information that its now running on empty!

    That using the wrong word, or saying the wrong thing is the worst. Sometimes I hate to talk on the phone because I will mispronounce the simplest word, then there is that 'forgetting' the topic of the conversation in midstream!

    Madwolf, I remember when I went to the doc at the beginning of menopause, he let me tell him all my complaints, then he quite seriously ask me; 'are you also having a problem with HAIR growing on your teeth?'!

    I won't tell you what I answered him, but I will bet he never asked anyone else that one!

    Shalom, Shirl
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  6. rockie

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    That stuff happens all the time to me, too. I teach private music lessons and I always tell my kids to do what I'm thinking, not what I say. After a while, they know what that is...that's one of those scary things!

  7. ~Cel~

    ~Cel~ New Member

    when someone is talking to me and I am listening, looking at them and everything, but nothing registers. I can hear what they're saying but 10 seconds later I have no idea what was said. I'm just glad it doesn't happen TOO often!

    Or how about replying to posts or emails? When reading them I think of tons of things to reply, but then when it's time to actually write it down - blank. Even this post, after writing down the title of my reply, I had to think really hard about what it was I wanted to say! Couldn't remember!



  8. pearls

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    I was watching the news on t.v. and got all worked up about something I saw and heard. About two minutes went by and my husband walked in. I wanted to tell him about it, but had forgotten completely what it was! I have not remembered yet, and it was yesterday, for crying out loud!

  9. starstella

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    sometimes i pick up the ringing phone at work, then don't know what to say because i can't remember my usual work greeting, have a long pause while i think about it, then finally talk. my co-workers have gotten a good laugh about that sometimes.