EMDR Therapy ?????

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    Hi , Has anyone ever heard of this type of therapy? My doctor wants me to get it. It is "eye movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing" She believes that alot of CFS and FM are due to trama in our past."Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". I will be going just to see if it helps .At this point I will try anything. I'm not in pain, but my CFS is making me just so tired and Woozy. I feel drunk most of the time and all my happiness and hope is gone. This treatment is suppose to bring all the bad stuff that your brain has buried and bring it forward so that you can cope and let it go. They use it alot on Vets that were in the war and suffer from depression....Looking forward to any info you have on it...Barb
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    Barb: worked with a therapist several years ago that specialized in EMDR, in my discussions with her she told me she was mosttly using itspecific on VA vets and those individuals with PTSD that had not responded to "talk" therapy. My understanding with her was that she did get a fairly good resonse from the patienst she was seeing...

    If you have tried all other avenues, can't see how it will hurt, have not heard of negative side effects. Is your doctor referring you to someone who is certified as I understand the training for this is quite specific and at leats in some states requires certification to perform this therapy on others.


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    Hi Barbie56 and all,

    About 10 years ago, while in the parking lot of the hosp. I worked at, I was attacked by 2 male teens. While one held a gun to my forehead the other beat me unconscious all just to get my purse which I was willing to give them (I of course was pissed and outraged!).

    After seeing a Pysch. for a few months, she suggested we try EMDR. She gave me a book about it and I agreed to give it a try. I won't even try to explain how it works or how the technique is performed because in the end I'll end up doing this wonderful treatmemt a disservice.

    I'll only say that the therapist said it "reprograms how your brain processed whatever trauma you experienced. What her goals were for me was to still remember the details of the event but without the "emotional charge."

    It took about 3 sessions and it worked! I no longer had flashbacks, could leave my home alone, and could speak of what happened without dissolving into tears.

    The way my brain reprossessed this trauma so that I could mostly get past it, was that now everytime I think of that horrid morning, in my mind I see myself on a slow-moving train where I can look out and witness what happened from a safe distance (the mind is a miraculous thing).

    I would highly recommend researching this technique and trying it. Their is a website emdrinstitute.com.
    Good Luck to anyone who decides to try it.....Jill......
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    I know my symptoms began to show up after a horrid event in my teaching career. Long story, too painful to bring up here, but convinced it brought on a lot of fibro/cmp suffering for me. My Psyc. said the incident definitelly caused me PTSD. Let us know how your therapy goes.
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    EMDR really works. I saw therapists using traditional "talk" therapy for childhood sexual abuse off and on for over 20 years and felt like I was just treading water, it kept me afloat but not much more. I kept having to go over the same things over and over again.

    Then I discovered EMDR and felt like it gave me my life back. I wish it had been around when I was 20 - I think my life would have been different.

    I've read that depending on the trauma, it can take shorter or longer to work. If it's something that happens to you in adulthood, it can work quite quickly. If it's from long-term childhood stuff, it will take longer. But in any event, it really does work.

    Do a google search for EMDR. There's a website all about it, and there are several books which are worth reading.

    Good luck --

  7. Redwillow

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    I understand people's concerns that CFS or FM would be labeled "all in your head". All of us have heard this too much. But I truly believe that the mind is an amazing thing.

    I don't have any experience to offer with EMDR Therapy but I would certainly give it a try if your doctor feels it will help you.

    I had wonderful help with a cognitive behavioural therapist. Never at any time did the therapist suggest that she could heal my fibromyalgia. But her therapy did help me deal with the emotional mess that having a chronic illness puts us in.

    I know for a fact that when I am emotionally stressed my pain levels shoot through the roof. Learning to function better emotionally and buildings up my self esteem was very helpful for me.

    Nanjee I am sorry you got flamed for mentioning something which you thought might be of help to others here. It is my experience that you go out of your way to be helpful and supportive here on this board. Keep up the good work Nan please and try to ignore the few who go into attack mode when they read something that they disagree with.

    hugs Redwillow
  8. wish_to_be_healthy

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    Thanks for putting this up here...I found it very helpful!


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    I think if you actually have major traumatic events in your past and feel distress from thinking about them, the EMDR would be worth a try.

    If this indeed is the case and you can resolve to some degree the trauma, this will lessen the stress on your body and thus allow whatever is causing the CFS/Fibro to be taken care of more optimally by the body.

    On the other hand, I highly disagree with this concept that "a lot of CFS and FM are due to trauma in our past."

    This is a physical disease, not a mental one.

    Mental stress makes it harder for our bodies to cope with the disease, just as it makes it harder for other people's bodies to cope with other diseases.

    As for veterans.....almost all people who have fought actively on the front lines in wars have PTSD to some extent. It has very specific symptoms.

    Therefore, it makes sense that all people who have fought in wars and gotten CFS/MCS/Fibro afterwards (as in Gulf War Syndrome) would have PTSD. That doesn't mean that's what's causing it.

    If your doctor means that she thinks that CFS/FM is often exacerbated by stress in people's pasts, and you believe that you do have such unresolved issues (either because you recall them or--as happens with buried traumas--you have symptoms such as severe anxiety mixed with low self-worth), than by all means pursue whatever goals you can to resolve the trauma.

    (Question: Did you feel bad about yourself and/or life before you got sick? Or are you just depressed now because you can't do things even though you want to? Those are two different things.)

    But if she really believe that CFS/Fibro are _due_ to past trauma, I would run like hell.

    It would be one thing if this were a side doctor (like a chiropractor or psychiatrist) who said they thought CFS was caused by spine misalignment or childhood trauma or chemical imbalance. It doesn't matter what they think, since if what they do doesn't help, it's no great loss.

    But if this is your only doctor, and she does believe that EMDR is going to fix what you have, that is not acceptable. Some doctors believed that five or ten years ago, but she's in the tiny minority today. The fact that she would have such outdated beliefs casts a shadow on her competence as a whole, and suggests that you should have someone else for all your medical needs (including the ones not related to CFS).

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    Oh, as for that article....no doubt there are some veterans of wars without PTSD. Some veterans have an easier time in wars than others, and so they don't suffer from the trauma as much.

    I would guess that those soldiers who get closer to battles also are exposed to more toxic chemicals, wouldn't you? It just makes sense.

    I'm tired of the government trying to say that people who get sick from being in battle just have mental problems. The studies they show can be knocked down with a couple of lines, and yet for whatever reason (you can take a guess what that reason is for yourself), the news media continues to report them as if they're facts.
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    No one has said whether it can help with CFS symptoms though... can it reduce fatigue & the other symptoms? I would be very curious to know.
  12. pawprints

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    From personal experience, it is great with dealing with a traumatic event or fear, etc. However, I do not think it helps with the symptoms of CFIDS and FM. It may help you cope better with your feelings about the illness and other stressors.

    Good luck. It is painless and might benefit you it ways you don't realize with other issues.
  13. Roseblossom

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    I know how painful PTSD is, from experience. EMDR gave me relief after only a couple of 90 minute sessions.

    One of the causes of PTSD is having been forced to endure trauma from which one is helpless to escape.

    One of the biggest problems of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the weakness & exhaustion over which I have no control - which makes me feel helpless / powerless.

    That CFS-caused helpless feeling triggers my PTSD. And the PTSD makes the CFS symptoms worse.

    We all know that stress causes a CFS Flare.

    EMDR helps relieve that fear, distress, anxiety, and depression that comes from feeling weak, helpless, and powerless.

    I encourage you to give it a try. Let us know how it goes.



  14. Scapper

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    I did EMDR a few years ago. I found it to be helpful with my emotional state regarding my past traumatic history. I had to stick with it for a while before I began to feel comfortable even talking about certain events.

    I think it was definitely a positive, however, it wasn't something that changed my CFS on an outward level. Who knows though, perhaps it helped to release some blocks that may have been preventing me from healing physically. I believe every little bit I do, brings me that much closer to healing.

    I've learned to not negate the power of the mind and the effects trauma can have on the body......something I didn't "buy into" for many years....I DO NOW!


  15. Slayadragon

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    How do folks go about finding a good EMDR therapist? I have a friend who might benefit.

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