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    Has anyone tried this therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? I started it yesterday and I have to admit, I was pretty amazed by the whole procedure. It was exhausting and mentally painful at times. But I do believe it is helping me. It made me remember things I had forgotten. Even though it was hard to re-experience it so vividly, it was very helpful to be able to process the stuff with a person who was understanding and supportive. She helped me see the whole experience from a more objective viewpoint, and from that perspective, it is less painful. When I went through the abuse, I was alone and I never talked about it with anybody, and because of that, I pretty much buried the stuff and never dealt with it. But even when you don't deal with the pain, it comes up...in your dreams, in your reactions to other people, and in your experience of living in the world. It was amazing and wonderful to be able to sit down with somebody and really process it without being judged. There are things I blamed myself for, and my therapist helped me understand that I didn't do anything worong. Just being told that I didn't cause my partner to beat me up made so much difference to me. The process was scary, without a doubt, and I got to a point in which I was just so tired that I wanted to STOP and never do it again. But I continued anyway. It was like re-experiencing the whole thing, only this time somebody was there to help me understand it. What an amazing therapy. I've been seeing therapists for four years and I can honestly say this is the first time I have really gotten something out of it. Sitting there talking isn't enough whent he trauma is buried so deeply in your mind. EMDR helps bring it all out and gives you the chance to really work it out.

    The reason I'm posting this is because I've seen a few other people here say that they suffer from the same disorder. Please consider seeking a therapist that specializes in this treatment. I did read an old post on this subject and somebody said she had a bad experience. I want to stress two things. First, you should NEVER do this unless you have gotten to know and trust the therapist. EMDR can be like taking off your clothes and walking naked down the street! You need to be confortable with your therapist before you can expose those raw and painful emotions! EMDR is not something you can do on your first session. Second, if you try EMDR and it's not working, please consider a different therapist. Not all therapists fit with every client. It's ok to say, "hey, this isn't working for me, but thanks anyway," and then try another therapist. I read somewhere that with therapy in general, it takes the average person THREE tries to get a person they connect with. Don't be afraid to shop around!

    Sorry if this got too long. I just wanted to tell people how well it worked for me because nobody should suffer from the isolation that PTSD can cause. If there is a solution that works, I want to share it with others!
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    I just wanted to say that I have tried it myself. Also with a therapist that I had seen for over a year and trusted.
    It was scary sometimes and not others.
    If moved me through a lot of "stuff" very quickly. Which sort of caused an upheaval of sorts. But I highly recommend it also. It can change one's perspective in a flash.
    It can get you out of a "stuck" pattern.
    Yes, your right, I need to do it again.
    Thanks for reminding me.
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    We do have a number of members who have suffered abuse and I hope this may open up a helpful treatment for them. You are so right about getting our pain out where it can be dealt with. Otherwise, it just festers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I gave this a little more thought and wanted to mention that it helps with pain also!
    I did a session with my health as my issue. When we were going through the steps I told her I felt like Houdini <sp?>
    in a glass cage locked and underwater.
    Until I verbalized this I had no idea that that was exactly how I had been feeling for months while lying on my couch in pain.
    As soon as I realized and verbalized it the emotional pain I was holding in was released. I felt relaxed, calm and more at peace with myself afterwards.
    It doesn't always work so quickly or smoothly though. Sometimes it can take a week or longer to integrate the experience but still one does and says things that move them into a better space during the time following the session.
    I hope someone can use this tool, it's another option just like self hypnosis, meditation etc., to ease pain.
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    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. For some reason, rapid eye movement causes you to recall and strongly feel memories and experiences from the past...in many cases these are memories that are long since forgotten! The idea is to recall the event that causes the trauma by going through a series of rapid eye movements. As the memories come up, you process them with your therapist. The idea is that you will get to a point in which you feel indifferent to the memory...you kind of start seeing it from an objective viewpoint. The theory behind this is that during rapid eye movement, you process more stuff. That's why trauma victims tend to dream a lot and have a lot of nightmares. In an EMDR session, however, you have somebody you trust who can help you process those memories and feelings.