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  1. fibrojewel

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    It is about 2:40 PM where I am, and if there is anyone out there that would be will to pray for my daughter for the next couple of hours....
    Can't go into everything right now but I need some strong ESTROGEN on this board full of the LORD GOD to help me pray that he give my daughter the strength to face what is GOING to happen with this BOY this afternoon.

    I sound mixed up just can't put it all inwords now. I will post later tonight/afternoon and tell the whole story Nkay? But this is something where she needs waarriors NOW.

    She is there talking with this *************, and I want Gods strength to surround her, lift her up and help her walk away with dignity and Gods love. Help her remember that God is the one in control and even when s**** boys crap on you , WE DON"T NEED THEM!!!!!!!! All we need is God!!!

    Ladies I know I'm not making sense, if you can and are willing just pray little prayers for *jewels* daughter ask GOd to give strength and courage....I'll let you know when she comes home.

    I'll post the whole long story later so you will know more how to pray for this 17 year old of mine.

    Love to all, Thanks,
  2. Harmony

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    You've got my prayers! Nothing is beyond God's power!
    I pray for your daughter now as she is facing this difficult situation, that God will give her His strength and courage. Also for you, as I know these situations are hard for us Moms.

    Love, Harmony
  3. Milo83

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    Consider it done - Prayers going up for your daughter!!!

    Wishing all the best..........Love, Donna
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To watch over your child.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Just said a good, strong prayer to our Heavenly Father for your daughter. I hope whatever is going on, clears up soon.

    Best wishes,
  6. selma

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    Going up. Let us know what happened. Huggs, Selma
  7. Shirl

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    No need to explain all the particulars for your daugher, the Lord knows what her needs are, and we can prayer with what you gave us.

    Will be praying for her to have the courage, and whatever else she needs with this trial in her young life.

    You take care, and the Lord's blessings going out to you and your daughter.

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    ladies, thank you for the prayers it has been a long 24 hours (plus)!

    My daughter just made some bad choices with this guy that she had been dating. Now she is understanding WHY we shouldn't get physically envolved untill you are married or an adult. She is dealing with the consiquences of choices.
    This is painful, but I think God has opened her eyes, and she is just really hurting now. She is leaning on him, and this has made her faith stronger. Something that I could not have shown her.

    This boy had the nerve to tell her she needed to change, and that she was being too clingy! Well after you have been through the emotions physically and mentally of the experience she had, what does he expect!!! I hate men sometimes!!! I swear!
    Anyway (thank goodness) he broke up with her. She just can't understand how, she could go through everything she has and then him leave. She is learning things that only an adult woman should learn. Not at 17.

    God has been good, infact she is on her way to the youth bible study at church. She told me she just wants to hide in Gods word, were she sould have been all along.
    This makes me very happy, because I was afraid she would go the other way. Understand?

    I attribute all the prayers of strength for her, to the fact that she is clinging to God right now. we talked litterally all night. Everytime I tried to leave her room she would ask me to stay and sleep with her. I feel honored that she would share any of this with me right now.
    So, there I stayed.

    It hurts so bad to see our children make mistakes and hurt so much. What I really want to do is kick some teenage boy BUTT! Well, I can't do that, but I really want to. He was not even worthy of her! Crap head!

    Anyway, I really appreciate this board, and the willingness of everyone to pray with me for my daughter.
    How can I say thank you enough to people I don't really know? You will never know what this has meant to me.

    Forever thankfull for all of you,
  9. danny3861

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    I will continue to pray that things work out fine with your daughter. Thanks for your prayers also.

  10. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    Just a short post, my 5 year old has his first day of school tomorrow and I need to get everything ready. It was hard on my daughter in school today, but we prayed tonight and I'm, going to go up and lay with her again and talk some more.

    Thank you for those words. They are truth, Satan is really out to make her feel "less than", and she is not. She has already been bought and paid for with the blood of Christ, all I can do is just claim that right now.

    You guys are wonderful, Thanks to each one of you for the prayers and thoughts of encouragement!

    I will post a new thread on Chit Chat and lets start a who's who newbie thing, Nkay? I need the laughs, and I know that crowd will come up with alot of fun! I love those girls!

    Love to you all,
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  11. mamafrey

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    Our children need our prayers so much. They are surronded by such difficult choices at that age. God Bless You and your family. Mamafrey
  12. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    My daughter is doing so good today! God has given her the strength to realize that this "boy" was not good enough for her, and that only God's love is sufficient(msp?).

    She has got her "mad" on now! We know what that is like when a 17 yr old girl is mad at a guy, plus she is using her experience to help others. An old girlfriend of her called and told her that she was pregnant. My daughter has been talking to her all week trying to talk her out of an abortion. The girlfriend agreed to put the baby up for adoption! She doesn't want her to go through emotionally what she went through!! I told her she was using this for God's good, I am proud of her. In a few short weeks she has already started to minister to others!!!! This is a praise God!!!!

    I don't want to get into the abortion issue here...I can relate, Mine was because my baby at 20 weeks did not have the top of her head developed, nor did she have a brain only a brain stem. She would have died. I regret not letting God have his will and way...I can't change the choice I made...I cry for it. My soul hurts!

    I think each woman has the right to choose, as we all do. But then we all must face the music at the end of the dance as well. I do not judge nor condemn anyone for having one, I have no room...I only know that by the grace of God, we are made whole, and that I, my daughter and others must deal with the emotional scar forever. That is the cross I must bear....but had I not gone through it, I would never have had the "experience" to help my daughter go through and deal with hers. I spent her whole life TRYING TO AVOID THIS FROM HAPPENING!!!!!! UUUUUUUGGGGGGH!

    No turning back, only forward.....

    I value the prayers of all of you, I think about each one everyday when I am not here. Funny how this silly box, can bring so many wonderful caring christians together. I praise God for you all...Thanks for the prayers and I covet your continued prayers. This is such a hard thing for a 17 yr old to deal with. I can only know that God is molding her into someone he can use! Praise God for his work and Grace!

    OK I have rambled on endlessly...it's all the med's I'm on...I had trigger point injections again today, seven shots!!! YUCCCKKKKKK....they go to the base of my skull around my shoulder blade, and down my spine....I am sore, now but tomorrow I will hurt! :(

    I will shut up my medicated mouth now!
    I feel like I've been drinking SueBdoo's punch LOLOLOLOL!
    Still would like to have my straight jacket back....who has it now...? Cough it up girls!!!!

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    Hi Fibrojewel. I'm also from Texas, saw that in your bio and I was born in 61 also. Your prayers are with me also. May the Lord bless you.

    Amen, Danny
  14. fibrojewel

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    How sweet of you!
    Thank you all very much for the prayers and support! God has blessed me with a wonderful support system and sweet Christian friends here!

    Well Danny we are neighbors for sure! Welcome to the board...hope you feel at home here! This is a great place with lots of wonderful people. Thank you again for your prayers, May God Bless you!

    Love and Thanks,