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  1. s--raquel

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    Hello, I had to go to e.r. friday night for pain in stomach,nausea,and lightheadedness.
    Turns out I was dehydrated but also my liver #'s were
    way high!!

    This isn't the first time they have been high, but this is
    the highest they have ever been....since the e.r. visit
    I have had non-stop (almost) diarrhea.I don't know if I have a virus or this is b/c my liver??

    Anyone else have high #'s and know what symptoms they can

    I don't drink and they have already ruled out Fatty Liver or a tumor.....

    Any help would be great....just a little scared and alot
  2. Catseye

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    I had hep c and saw a liver doctor for a long time. He kept telling me there was nothing wrong with my liver because my enzymes were "normal". Well, he was wrong and since I didn't know how bad off it was, I have since damaged it even more because I believed him and thought I had nothing to worry about. You can have cirrhosis and still have "normal" liver enzymes.

    A doctor won't be able to help you with your liver because there aren't any drugs that will make it healthy. Go to liverdoctor.com and start reading about how to treat your liver. A liver that isn't functioning properly will cause all kinds of symptoms; some are not obviously traceable back to your liver. Blood sugar problems (which I am having right now because I ate too much saturated fat last week), immune dysfunction, bad breath, itchy skin, hormone imbalance, fatigue, digestion problem and so on.

    If I could go back and tell myself a few things, here's what I'd say:

    1. Don't wait for proof that your liver is not well. It's too delicate. Once it's messed up and broken, it may not be possible to fix it.

    2. Don't count on the doctor to diagnose a liver that is not well. All they go by is about 5 enzymes. But there are so many different ways your liver can be messed up. You can have cirrhosis and still have normal enzyme levels.

    3. If you feel "too full" after eating protein or fat, it could be your liver is having a hard time with these foods. Avoid saturated fat (animal fat including butter and cheese, etc.) and use digestive enzymes with every meal and betaine hcl for meats.

    4. Milk thistle is good, even though my liver doctor tried to discourage me from taking it - he said there was "no evidence it did anything but it won't hurt if you take it". Obviously, I didn't take enough. Sam e is good, too. NAC is good but you may have to start with a low dose, like 100 mg, if your liver is in bad shape.

    5. Be ready to give up your favorite foods and all junk food. There's no bargaining with your liver. The problem is, you have no way of knowing exactly where you stand regarding damage, and the more crappy food you eat, the worse you can make it. No food is worth feeling bad all the time. I was doing really well in January of this year until I started cheating and eating what I wanted. I almost killed it and it still hasn't recovered. This crept up on me, it didn't happen overnight. Now my diet is this: apples, grapes, veggies, chicken, rice and beans. That's it. It's all my poor liver can stand right now. Plus I went through 6 months of hell trying to eat and get it to tolerate ANY food.

    6. For more reading, google for "liver congestion". This is the term to use to find good info about supplements to help it and what to eat and what to avoid.

    7. Obviously, no more drinking or smoking if you do.

    When my liver was at its worst point, I felt like I was dying and had serious brain fog. I went to the ER 3 times in 6 weeks. That was right after the anti-viral chemo for the hep c. They said there was nothing wrong with me and told me not to come back - they suggested I get psychiatric help. I pretty much have diagnosed my own liver disease because of my symptoms. What do I have? No idea - screwed up liver about covers it. I have learned what I have to do to feel good.

    I still can't help but think that if my doctor could have shown me some sort of something on paper that showed it was bad, I could have avoided a lot of liver abuse early on and it wouldn't be this bad right now. I guess I should have know, having had hep c and all, but I guess I was in denial, didn't want to give up fun things and food. Now I'm paying. At least I have learned what it needs now and I feel good but, dang, I wish someone had told me a few things before it got so bad.

    A bad liver can give you many of the same symptoms of cfs. If you baby it now, it won't get worse. Don't let it get worse!!

    good luck to you!

    I'll be doing a liver post, soon, because I think most people assume their livers are okay but a few diet changes can make the difference between feeling like you're dying and feeling okay.

    happy xmas!

  3. lptopcat

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    I am sure there are many causes of high liver enzyme levels, one of which is Hepatitis-C. Talk to your regular/family Doctor!

    There is a blood test for Hepatitis-C. Your doctor can order this. Sometimes,liver enzymes are elevated with Hep-C. I have Hep-C also, but my enzymes have always been normal. A friend of mine, who also has Hep-C, always had high enzyme levels. Worth getting checked.

    Best wishes,

  4. elliespad

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    That site you recommended liverdoctor dot com is THE BEST. I've spent hours there reading stuff. I am always working to help my liver and convert the world. This is REALLY a great site.

    Best concentrated source of self help around.
  5. s--raquel

    s--raquel New Member

    Thank you for the web site and other info. I'm gonna get on
    it right now....

    My doc called to set me up an apointment to have a "scope"
    placed down my throat to see what they can find...At least
    she is finally taking me seriously....

    Thanks again for your help!!!
  6. Catseye

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    OMG, I'm so stupid! Thank you for bringing it up!

    I had high liver enzymes for awhile. My doc asked me if I drank alot and I told him yes and he just said to cut down. That was the end of it. That was about 15 years ago. Looking back, he should have ordered blood tests for Hep C. He didn't and it was only about 5 years ago when my husband and I applied for health insurance that I found out I had it. I got a letter in the mail turning me down and saying, "Oh, BTW, you have hep c".

    So get that done!

    Liver disease also causes severe brain fog!! UGH!!

    happy xmas!

  7. Dixie_Amazon

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    I have a great gastro doc and I had all the tests and then some genetic ones since I am adopted.

    I agree the enzymes are not the only thing. My ALT had been 65 and I just found out they are now down to 38, almost to the normal range of the lab used. Unfortunately my liver has become even more enlarged and I am having a liver biopsy Thursday of next week.
  8. s--raquel

    s--raquel New Member

    Thank you all for posting...Dixie,I noticed that you said your ALT was 65...Mine is 323 as of Friday night!! My AST is 609! It should be between 10-42...So I'm a little nervous about it all...I can't see a specialist until the 18th, and that's just for a consultation!!!

    I DONT NEED A CONSULTATION!! I need someone to tell me what
    the hell is going on with my liver!!!

    Just wondered if any of you have had your #'s this high and
    if you knew what it might mean??

    Just nervous....
  9. Slayadragon

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    This is one thing that Traditional Chinese Medicine is good at. Hep A and Hep B are really common there, and over the years they've put a lot of thought into it.

    If I were you, I would try to find a good TCM doctor....preferably one trained in China or Taiwan. They should be able to give you some kind of combination especially for your liver. The main ingredient should be bupleurum, which is an herb that has been tested and shown by Western researchers to have restorative effects on the liver.

    (Other substances such as milk thistle and dandelion root are not nearly as tested.)

    My husband (who is from Taiwan) had liver problems (with elevated liver enzymes) left over from Hep A and Hep B (both of which he cleared on his own, thank god) a number of years ago. This went on for years. Finally he went to a Chinese doctor, who cleared up the problem for good within a month.

    The other thing that I have found to be good for my liver is ImmunoPro Rx, an undenatured whey protein.