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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by julest, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. julest

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    I have had CFS and Chemical sensitivity for many years . I was wondering if anyone knows of good EMF clearing devices as I know EMF causes many symptoms in the body. I recently found a company in new zealand who makes a pyramid clearing device that made a big difference in my healing and also my home. The pendent was too strong for me- but the pyramid they sell is fantastic. I have their link below- if anyone here knows of other devices that have helped them, please post! a friend sent me this link after having it help her too-Julia

  2. Elisa

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    Hi Julest,

    I am trying out the 3-hole resonators (its ceramic) by Biomagnetic Research, Inc. -- these go on the electrical appliance - such as a computer etc. I don't have a EMF measuring device yet so I can't be certain they work. I bought mine at Needs dot com.

    I think Life Extension sells an EMF meter...so I may know in a few weeks if this item works!!!

    There are also teslar watches available that have EMF clearing capacities. Mine is a Philip Stein Teslar.

    God Bless,

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    I find this a very interesting topic... altho from what I read you need a really powerful EMF detector, some place(s) had some you could rent to check your house as otherwise they were over $500. Supposedly one can check one's house just by using a radio set to AM static - if static increases by outlets etc., then you know a lot is being emitted. I have a gaussmeter, but I admit, living/renting in Mexico in what I know is an inadequately wired house, I'm scared to check lol... (not too worried about it burning tho as it's concrete).

    There's also a really good old documentary from the 1990s you can find on youtube (I think) (don't have the links right now) about Marin Co. in California and their linking higher incidence of breast cancer despite higher socioeconomic status to the microwaves etc. ringing their valley...

    Can you give us the name of the company that sells this product?

  4. lanie33

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    I've been doing some research on emf fields. I have had me/fm for 19 years.
    One of the natural practitioners that I see said that some of my pain was being
    caused by my sensitivity to emf
    I haven't tried the device myself yet, but I am going to.
    I found the site really interesting, worth a look

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