EMG and MRI results........denial

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    Hi all---

    What exactly is an EMG? The insurance company listed that both of these were normal that is one of the reasons why they denied my claim.

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    is "The EMG is a test designed to determine how well the muscles in the different parts of the body are functioning. It involves putting very fine wires into the muscles in the arms, or legs, or back and recording muscle responses both at rest and with activity. This may also produce some minor discomfort."

    I had one, it was VERY painful for me. You must have had one at one time that became part of your medical record.

    Sorry to hear about your denial.

  3. lin21

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    Hi karen,

    I never had an emg test done. The only tests I had done was one for carpal tunnel and another one the neruologists stuck a couple of pins in my hands, that was it.
    I just had 4 MRI's , 3 of my spine and 1 on my brain.
    I'm going to have to look into this.
  4. karen55

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    The one I had was for carpal tunnel diagnosis, among other things. Maybe that is what they are referring to??

  5. bluebirder

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    Somewhere in the past I had MRI (muscle resonic? imaging-- some kind of scan if I remember right) and EMG (I think was electro muscle something ---reaction to electronic shock impulses). Also several years ago had stress test for heart done. Dr kept asking if I was ok--since it was done for heart I held on tight with my hands and forced my legs to keep going even though my hips were in pain and my legs wanted to collapse---I answered yes or shook my head yes. If I had known I would need it now I would have told him how I really felt.

    EKG (electo kardio gram) - normal

    cat scan- normal everytime

    Only possitive tests I remember was:
    fracture in cocyx (tip tailbone) & contusions & acute pain
    (fell up north)
    possible bursitis after fall down stairs from pain pills
    PT for bursitis & change in pills
    occasional LOW potassium
    white count off then retested normal
    anemic once or twice
    diagnosis often as probably strain, sprain, tendon
    or muscle spasms(tests all neg)
    sleep test showed slight heightened brain activity
    but test still normal
    wheezing (peak flow low- breathing distress)
    polyps in colon (benign)
    blood in stool (follow up tests normal)
    One ER room Dr suspected light stroke
    transfer to downtown ER/hospital
    test downtown were negative
    insurance attempt deny per diagnosis reported
    Don't remember any more and may have details off on those. Don't ask me though, how long ago they were.

    The last school year I worked I had:
    Viral Menengitis in the Fall
    Bronchitis over and over
    Several sprains, joint pains
    Constantly pulled muscles lifting or spasms for no reason
    Child/foot injury --discovered had Plantar Fasciitis
    therapy, pills and orthotics & shots in heels
    Multiple asthma attacks
    Continued & worsening ability to:
    balance, prolong sitting-standing-walking-bending
    lean or squat without falling or getting back up
    increased pain with these activities
    Financial stress as hubby plant closed-
    forcing early retirement
    Stressed Marriage Relationship

    Since that time:
    Counseling for stress of health bills and relationship
    stopped abruptly-financial and increase relat degrade
    Auto accident (rear ended) in spring (year after quit work)
    Dr change & physical therapy

    Degrading self image & beginning depression from
    >recognised in-effective job performance from health
    (inability sleep from pain) (job increased pain)
    >=family stress & seeking counseling to cope
    >financial limit = decrease of medical care/medicine =
    >health needs = relationship & financial stress leading
    >to fueled relationship stress
    > =non emotional support & spousal finance refusal
    >led to health stress & lack termination care =
    *Auto accident caused return to medical
    *changed Dr in middle & got physical therapy
    >increase in symptoms reacting on each other
    >=unrecognised depression signs = crying all time
    >recognition of crying increase = attempt regain Dr care =
    >recognition future work return may not be possible=
    >increased financial/relationship/emotional stress
    *recognized early depression signs
    =decision to ask Dr for help & made list sypmtoms
    =break down follow up trying to explain frustration cycle
    *Dr recognized symptoms on list
    *said had theory but would run tests first
    *medication to help sleep & ordered blood tests
    =slight decrease in exhaustion levels
    *@ return visit Dr tested and diagnosed FIBROMYALGIA
    *Dr > "no return to preschool job setting"
    *lifting limit, medication increase & addittions
    =realization of non improvement without medical care
    =realization physical limits = work unliklihood
    =relization future $$ earning limitations
    =more spousal frustration
    =more self-depression/self image
    =decision to apply for disability with attorney help
    =hope of increased medical care to document
    =increased chance of:
    *symptom control/ management
    =possible decrease of condition interaction degree
    *getting off Disability in future or withdrawing claim
    =decision to resume counseling and chance of hubby going
    which may increase symptoms at first because of stress but may also help hubby to unsderstand what I am going through and how to support me so I might have a chance of improving to the point of helping with income and withdrawing claim for disability if I find I improve enough to bring in some $$.

    Sorry got off track again.
    Thinking of the tests you asked about started my brain rambling and I guess I just put it all out. Now I feel better but I will feel better yet after I get up and stretch and relieve the bottom/back burning with movement!!

    Keep on trying to be possitive. I may fall back later and need someone else to remind me to put my chin back up.

    Praying and hoping now. Deciding to take risks associated with steps to change things.I will be thinking of you as you appeal. Maybe later you can help me with what I shouldn't do that might hurt chances.