EMG TEST.. for neuropathy...what is it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by robin, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. robin

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    What is the EMG test follks keep sending me?
    How is it done and who usually does it.
    Blood test or something else?
    There are other letters involved but forget
    what. I am too lazy to go upstairs and get
    the paper. Do you need the rest of the letters
    or know what I am referring to?
    Is it EMG...OR ENG? I am very new at this.

  2. cookiebaby

    cookiebaby New Member

    Hey Robin:

    The EMG refers to electromyography -- it measures the electrical discharges in your muscles.

    The other test I had done the same day was a nerve conduction study, maybe that's ENG cuz it refers to electroneurography -- it measures how quickly your nerves carry electrical signals.

    (And NO -- I'm not a walking medical dictionary, I have some of my records on the PC here!)

    And yes they'll probably touch your feet, but not a lot. I don't remember all the details, because it wasn't one of my favorite experiences. But they do give you like like electrical shocks in various places on legs, feet -- where you're having problems. The neurologist and his assistant did my tests -- I'm not sure if other doctors do this testing or not. I've had it done twice -- last year and about 8 years before that. Last year a rather snotty nurse asked me why I had lotion on my legs before the test -- I guess they were supposed to send me information beforehand because any lotion can cause the little patches to not stick properly or something, but no one sent me ANY information so I didn't know. I didn't think she was "snotty" for asking, but she really laid into me and then didn't apologize when she found out that I didn't have any of the prep information I was supposed to receive. Sorry, I digress -- but don't wear lotion just in case!#*!


  3. pam_d

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    Cookiebaby described it well, it's a series of electrical shocks & they measure the time it takes impulses to get from one point to another. Sometimes they use small needles, too; to me the shocks were worse than the needles, but neither part unbearable. It really doesn't take very long (mine was less than 20 minutes), and the nice part is, the results are instantaneous.....not like waiting for some lab results. It's usually done by a neurologist or physiatrist (physical medicine doctor) but maybe others here have had them done by other types of doctors.

    Some folks here have said the pain is great with an EMG, I found it no problem----but that just shows how very different we are in terms of what bothers us! I think it would be worth doing in your case, especially since you are diabetic, too, and your doctor (and you) will get a lot of information from this test!

    Good luck,