EMGS..Yes I have to have one and doc visits good

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    Someone was asking about EMG's last week and I was told yesterday my neuro wants me to have one on both ams, the carpel tunnel thing. I cant hardly even use the right arm and its all swollen up so this ought to be fun. I've had em before and they are painful.Anyway I had good visit with neuro and good visit with Dr Fouad both at Cleveland Clinic. I do know that I have to take salt pills for my POTS for my lifetime and I have to wear those compression hose too forever and ever, that didnt impress me much. My visit today with PCP was also good..she raised my zoloft to 100mgs and she asked me if I was going to presue my SSDI and I said yes that I had gotton a lawyer and she said good cause you really need it. My EMG is next wed.
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    then, with your EMG. Mine were on my arms too. You definitely need {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}

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    I don't have any experience with EMG's but I wear compression hose. In fact I wear them almost all the time. My doc hasn't rx'd anything more than knee high ones, but I would prefer to have them to wear with my skirts also so I think I'll be asking about pantyhose at my next visit. I feel so much better with them on that I feel strange without them now.

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