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    Dear all,

    Its the first time for me to make a post here, but I am reading this message board since years now. And I want to thank you all for your useful info you did share here. And I did feel selfish not also to share something useful with those people I identified with since long years now, even if I didn't know how to express myself or how to present my ideas or being tired ...

    What I will present here will seem like am believing that CFS / FM is a psychological problem. I BELIEVE its NOT! However our condition allows negative emotions to creep more inside us then in healthy people and we can not deal with them as we did before when we were healthy. However this technique is not a pure psychological approach, there is also a spiritual component inside, I will try to explain later. The most important thing: you have to try it to know if it works for you.

    What I want to share today is the is the concept of emotional scan, or at least I call it like this:

    The idea is based on much details, but I will try to make it brief for application purpose:

    Simply sit down alone in a room where you can have your piece of mind for half an hour and start scanning your emotions, not specifically at the moment, but more in a systematic way. If you write it, it will be of good help:

    Lets take at the beginning the most important negative emotions in your task:

    Fear or anxiety, guilt, anger, doubt, sorrow, hatred, jealousy, revenge, shame, frustration, inferiority ...

    Take each of these emotions and try to recall the last five situations you were controlled by it. For each situation, see it clearly, zoom out and see it for a few seconds. The purpose is not only to recall it and bother yourself. The purpose is to recall it and give your positive attention to it, by simply seeing or watching, don't try to explain or to interpret. Its a matter of only witnessing again what happened with a focus on the negative emotion.

    In another term, try to meditate on the negative emotion. Don't fall in the trap to be controlled again by it. If you do this then you missed the goal. Just zoom out, and accept what you see. You didn't have the opportunity to do this when it happened. This lead to poor processing of it. Our energy is limited, so we have to modify our energy management by carrying out other techniques.

    These moments where you give your attention to the negative emotions are more precious then you believe. Don't do it only for one or two emotions. Do it for all the above mentioned ones and add your own ones if you like. If you do it for only two or so, you won't feel later the power of this technique.

    Don't wait after you finish to feel better, because it will happen in the following days. You will notice that more positive emotions like forgiveness, love and respect for life will appear inside you. However you are the one who will judge best for yourself.

    The best time to do this exercise is in the morning. The next few days are a good time for doing it!!

    This technique did help me much, its not a solution for CFS/ FM but it is one of the things when I do, it has a positive impact on my brain fog, concentration, depression and general mental well being. Sometimes I also noticed physical improvement.

    I don't know if I did explain myself good enough. I hope I did.

    I will try to share in future more about my long story and the things did work for me. In a way or another I believe that all of us, each have a piece of the puzzle for the complete way out of our dilemma, crazy idea :), yeah .....

    I want to thank you all again for your great work here!



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    Thanks for posting. I think this kind of meditation can be very helpful.

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    My mind is scattering of in a million places today...but I added the post to my favorites and will read it later. Thanks!

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    thanx for your replies. Just let me know if you need any help on it.

    Caledonia, thx for your info, i will take a look at David Berenger to learn more about his technique. Is the EFT also from him or something different?

    Considering the technique I posted it is a mix of personal experience and the book of Gary Zukav (The seat of the soul) and general spiritual readings. The way it is done I never saw anywhere. I developed it by myself step by step to reach this.

    I noticed that the more kinds of emotions are involved in your scan the better results you achieve. However Zukav also did rely in a way on the main emotions which are love & trust and fear & doubt. But he mentioned the idea of general emotional awareness at every moment, and the more frequently you do, the more you are in touch with your self, since our emotional current is our guide to our spiritual alignement. It is the signal which we choose to listen to or not. He mentioned also the idea of coming to the root of an emotion, but the root cause! In in his model there is energy and abscene of energy. The abscene of energy we sense as negative emotions. When we pay our attention to it we send energy to this area, which could be linked in a way to an energy center in the body (chakra system). A main obstacle in seeing our emotions are any addictions. I dont want to go on more details on this book now ... its simply a great book to read.

    Back to my old post:

    Since we are exhausted most of the time, we need to arrange certain conditions to get in deep touch with our inner feelings. We can not do it so easily like healthy people could do if they wish. And as I mentioned, the more negativity you are able to scan, the more benefit you will experience. These arrangments are mainly the right time, and a silent place. All other things you do usually, like cutting on carbs and dairy products are also helpful, since they support depression and general negative body condition.

    From the spiritual point of view, I see this technique enhancing the function of the crown chakra, which in sequence enhances the other chakras. It a kind of boosting some energy in our body.

    There are also other things which can help if you are interested in spiritual work to apply on CFS, like spinal breathing and Reiki.

    Best Regards


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