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    How did you get your employer to somewhat understand fibromyalgia? Unfortunately, my supervisor didn't feel the need to educate herself about the illness (even though I told her I had it BEFORE I interviewed for the job), and things came to a head last week. I printed some information off the internet for her so she could get a better grasp of what fibro is, but I don't think she read it. As a manager, she had the right to ask me what accommodations needed to be made for me to do my job, but she didn't ask. Should I now deal with her attitude and nastiness because she didn't do her job?

    In her defense, she's never been a supevisor before. I don't think she has a clue how to handle a sick employee, nor does she have any idea what the legal rights and responsiblities a company has when they hire a disabled person. Once again, it isn't her job to educate herself or ask her boss to get her training?

    Granted, I can understand someone not learning about some "weird" illness they've never heard of, but she should've at least learned what the law says about disabilites. If nothing else, educating herself about basic ADA and EEO guidelines would protect herself and the company from being sued. Some of the things she has said to me, and has committed to writing could be viewed as intimidating and discriminatory.

    I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I'm trying to channel my anger and frustration in a positive way. I also need to find a way to protect myself in the event things do get nasty.
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    in my option i think you should go to hear superviser and exspalin the situation telling him your concerned about her attitude about these matters and that she may need traning on how to deal with people with disabillitys to protect the company and its employees,
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    Unfortunately there are employers out there who do not wish to learn about these things. I worked in a school district for disabled and mentally challenged children and my supervisors had no clue how to treat me. I did not ask for anything out of the ordinary in my case. The "suits" made it difficult for me to work because I had a nasal piercing (small stud). Because of this I have not worked in 14 mos. (medical leave) and I am still fighting with my employer. while all the time knowing my condition and knowing how stress can exacerbate it. I suggest explaining to co-workers and the supervisor as best as you can. I would remind her of the ADA and suggest she brush up on this. I would also document every instance that you view as discrimination or intimidation. It has really helped me in my case. I don't think this illness should just be brushed under the rug any longer. Good luck to you.