empty feeling, anyone else

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    does anyone else have a empty feeling? its so hot here makes it hard to go out side and at evening the locust are so loud I can't go out because of my ears,
    what ever happen to a good summer?
    I actually have cabin fever from this heat and the locust at night . just wondered if anyone else has them.
  2. janieb

    janieb New Member

    It's hot here in Wisconsin, too. Never have been much of an outdoor person, so just stay in with the air on.

    I spent 5 days in the hospital a while ago and am still running back and forth for more tests, before they send me on to Mayo. So tired of tests I sometimes feel it would just be easier to die. Seem so ill after the tests. However, today I feel pretty human, so cleaned house.

    Many times I feel empty and all alone, even though I'm not. It's hard having a chronic disease and I realize that people who don't have it can't really understand.

    They do their best, but it's hard.

    Hope you all get to feeling better real soon.

  3. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I know how good it is to be outside,but I just can"t take the heat.
    I guess thats why I love fall and winter. I don"t think its just me everybody around are complaining about the locust.it seems like they started really early this year.
    anyhow iuse to love getting in the pool in the evenings now the darn noise keeps me from doing that.

    I hope we all have a good old beautiful fall this year. I love it when the leaves turn and theres a nip in the air.

    just dreaming.sixtyslady
  4. tamsyn

    tamsyn Member

    Yeah, I feel like that too: a kind of empty husk of my usual self. I'm in bed with a flare...missing my horse badly...storm after storm, rain, heat, humidity. The real world beyond my pain and my window starts to seem like a kind of wonderful dream that I once had, of sunshine and wind and me out enjoying it. I used to run, walk long distances, swim...I don't have a/c and the cieling fan drives me nuts -- all that whirring aorund when i'm so tired. Oh well, my cat likes having me here in bed; I guess I'm her silver lining!
  5. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I have cabin fever too!

    Really restless, but tired, but too hot and humid to go out in this darn heat and humidity

    7 years ago, I was saying, "the hotter, the better. I loved the heat!!!

    Now I am saying, "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"
  6. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well maybe not winter,but fall would be o.k. with a nip in the are and a clear blue sign, and the changing trees.
    see we have something to look forward to.
    have a good Sunday. sixtyslady
  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I hear you! it's been record breaking temps for about 3 weeks up here in MT (were not used to that!!) so yes I say Welcome to Fall or a rain shower! just something to cool us All off!!....................................Take care ! I was wondering if you could wear ear plugs to block out the locust noise?? ps. Record temps all over not just here!
  8. DixieGail

    DixieGail New Member

    Yup, I have that empty feeling, but I do not think mine has much to do with the weather.
    All I want to do is stay in no matter the weather. I do not want to see or speak with friends or family. My bed is my favorite place.
    I hope fall brings a break in your cabin fever.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yep I know how that feels. I lay on the bed and cried this morning as I felt so empty. I sometimes see people who get real pleasure out of things, and I feel I no longer do. Then I remind myself I enjoyed that book, I liked a movie.

    But I used to really love life, and I know exactly whta you refer to.

    I am going to be 60 this year and I somnetimes think if I did not have Danny jnr(my menopause baby, aged 12) my life would be devoid of so much.

    Where did all that joy go to???

    Feeling tired but not being able to sleep well and the pain does not help. But I do see really old ladies having a blast, travelling, dancing, doing art, and I feel as if life just went away sometimes. Maybe the thyroid doc will sort me out, it is not depression, it is as you say an emptiness. Maybe not enough variety in our lives? And yes, the waether is awful.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  10. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I know what you mean just a far away empty feeling.
    what are we longing for?
    I thought when I got threw with menopause. I'd
    feel better and I did but then last year when I got to feeling sick again.I"ve just not been able to really enjoy anything.

    I just feel so used up. and like nobody would even miss me if I weren;t around.
    my son and hubby sit around and talk and I feel like I"M not even in the room.

    MY hubby is a good man, but he just doesn"t understand that I need some attention, to make me feel like I count for aomething.its like when the sex is not so much anymore then men don"t even know we"re alive, sometimes I look at him and don"t even know this person. man its hard getting older, I alwasy thought once we got the kids raised, we go and do things and just enjoy life .when we go out to eat we don"t even have anything to talk about. I wish my husband would try alittle more. but I guess he just doesn"t see me as a person.

  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    MM. I thought you meant this. Not just cabin fever.

    I get pretty busy with having Danny and having to find ways to help him cope with his autism, but I do get a little jealous when I see people in their 80's for goodness sakes, seemingly they have more energy and a lot more going on than I do.

    It is the tiredness that comes with this DD cupled with insomnia. I also think that at our age we see such changes in the world, it is sort of all rush rush rush these days. I recall a play in the 60's "Stop the World I want to Get Off" Anthony Newly, but it is laughable now.

    I think I feel a bit like a drudge at times, as if I just wakeup, get breakfast, see Danny off, clean, do laundry, get lunch, go shopping, get dinner. Same old Same old.

    My MIL says it is because we no longer do HRT as she said that got her through her 60's. I just think it is needing a hobby or some real real interest. Like my dh plays golf, others have a sport they really follow, I used to love crafting but then when I became very successful designing dolls as a business, and it was work, it has robbed me of that interest. I do like fixing up the houses but I feel stymied as it is hard now with all the pains. I think, basically, once I get done with the house fixing here I really will start that business with my friend, or maybe even go back to school, do law or something new. Maybe train to be a minister!!!

    I also miss England like mad too, and all my family are there, and yet it has changed so much as well. I think we have moved too much this may have made me feel rootless.

    Well, there are things that are OK: movies, good detective movies on BBC America, good books, I have a couple of friends but they can be up and down,gardening a little, sometimes having a good chat with another(not often), going down to the lake, though I surely miss the ocean and beach at Cape May.

    Mayabe we can put our heads together and see what will bring us out of the doldrums!!!

    I should go to bed, but I am too edgy.

    LOve Anne Cromwell
  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    what kind of busness are you thinking about?
    sounds interesting.
    I know what you mean, seems like its just the same thing day after day.
    my hubby just doesn"t understand it. but you know he,s still working and isn't home every day.
    I want him to retired,but I"ll bet I"ll have to push him to get up and keep going after he does.
    I"ll ask him where he wants to eat when we go out, and he can"t even make that decision.
    actually I don"t mind being alone in the Day time, but would like to get out and go alittle more on the week-ends just for rides or what ever.
    this week-end was bad, its so hot just could"t get outside.
    I just don"t have many friends since this d.d. because I almost avoid people because I don"t want them to know I"m sick, I guess my family has made me feel this way, because thats when they avoid me. I wonder if others feel like I do ,almost like this d.d. is my fault in a way, just kind of guilty about having it.
    any how we have this board and can always express our feelings to one another,hope you have a good day.
  13. toughone

    toughone New Member

    Fall and Winter are my seasons, too! But somehow they don't seem to last as long as Summer and the heat. My electric bill was $700.00 this month. That's setting the air conditioner at 78-80 like the electric company recommends and running the pool pump at 3 hours instead of the recommended 6 hours. Someone is getting rich somewhere and it ain't me!
    Stay as cool as you can and know that the nip in the air is coming soon...
  14. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I do not leave the A/C house. Yes, the electric bill goes up, but the heat can make me (or any of us sic). Many years ago when my ex and I were starting out and had no A/C at all i ended up in the hospital for heat exhaustion.

    In our next place we bought one little air conditioner that we put in the bedroom. When not at work, I was in the bedroom.

    The bad old days. (Yet, that little airconditioner was a life saver.

  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I am thinking of doing a real estate house staging business with a friend, where we get a house ready to sell by prettying it up.

    I love to be outdoors too, but the heat and humidity do make this DD worse plus breathing can be hard.

    Feel better and I think some cooler weather may hit next week maybe(hope so my brother and SIL are visiting from Canada.(Ontario)

    Love Anne C
  16. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    man I don"t know where you live.toughone but thats outrageous.
    its so hot I can"t even stand to take my puppy outside to go potty.
    hey cromwell that busness sounds great,I used to sell real estate I still am very interested in it .
    and I have a son-in law that does it part time so him and I sit a talk the housing market.
    its starting to slow down around here,a bit.

    keep cool everybody and hope you"all have some good old movies. one of my favorites Seven brides for seven brothers. I love musicals. sixtyslady
  17. bluestanglady

    bluestanglady New Member

    I have felt that way too, but decided I wasn't going to live the rest of my life like that. I have an empty nest and felt so empty. This summer I have planted tomato plants and cucumbers and I'm really enjoying tending to them and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I've also bought green beans and I've canned a lot of those. Now tomorrow I'm making apple butter. We'll enjoy these things in the winter months.

    I find that if I do things instead of sitting around thinking about how bad I feel, I do much better. Now if I'm having a big flare, I can't do these things. But I try to keep my mind and body busy. In the wintertime, I do scrapbooking and cook to keep myself busy. I also try to do pilates' every other day. Then I have my computer time and talk to out-of-state friends online.

    I went thru a period where I didn't want to do anything, just lay around and cried. Then I realized I didn't want to spend my days like this, so I got up and did something about it. It takes willpower to get up but once you're up, you feel better. Even when I have a flare, I never go to bed. I'll stay on the couch. Then when I'm over the flare, I'm back at it again.

    I hope you're up and feeling better soon.

  18. toughone

    toughone New Member

    I live in California, sixtyslady! Everything is high here--we had 115 degrees last week and I would not have survived without my air conditioner. We have PG&E for our gas/electric, and it just keeps going up, up, up! No one seems to want to do anything about it--so, now do I pay my mortgage, buy food or pay my electric bill this month???

    Have a great evening!


    By the way--where do you live--maybe we'll move there if the electric bills are lower!
  19. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I"m from Il. our utlities are not cheap but man there not as high as yours.
    we have a fairly large home 4bedr and 3baths, but we live in a timber so I think that helps keep us somewhat cool.

    we have electric heat, and my husband and son installed a gas furnace too, so in the winter we choose which type of heat is the most reasonable.the last couple of yrs its been electric.My electric runs about140.00 @ momth. higher if its real cold.
    our summer bills with a/c runs about 200.00, but we have a pool, hot tub. our well pump for watering our horses,so thats why it gets alittle high in the summer.but you know you can get so much more house around here for your money.
    people from the city move out here because that can"t afford to live in the city after they retire.

    stay cool, sixtyslady
  20. toughone

    toughone New Member

    We can't even use our heater in the Winter--cost is more than air conditioner in Summer! We have a large home too-4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. We have a gas fireplace in the famiyroom that we use for heat--I don't need it really, menopause keeps me toasty. We can't use the spa in the Summer since we have to run the pool pump. My bill would be over $1000 if we did. Our electric company is getting away with too much here. We don't have any trees since the neighborhood is fairly new, so no help there.
    Be thankful for your $200 bills--we never go under $250 here---even when we sit in the dark and BBQ our meals!

    Have a wonderful day!