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    hi kelly, i was wondering.....i know you ordered the arteminisin from Holley but did you order artesunate from Hepalin as well?

    how do you know how much to take? i found these dosing guidelines on a RRP webiste:


    it says you can get 30% off arteminisin if you say you have RRP....

    thanks a lot
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    hi kelly..another question if you don't mind....do you know what liv52 is made of?
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    hi kelly..thank you. i just started the cheney artesunate protocol that i emailed you ... i cant imagine it will do much. the amount they are using in the CMV artesunate trial is 250 mg 3 times a day for 100 days - or something like that. plus HHV 6 people would likely need IV, according to dr. marschall.

    for my liver, i am taking dandelion root, LiverLonger, and Siliphos. it appears to have done something, because my ALT was only 33 this time..last time it was 64. dont know if it actually means my liver is being protected or not.

    how are you doing healthwise?

    i am really really sick. its been just over 1 1/2 month now that i restarted the full valcyte dose and the herxing (if its that) has been horrible. today was the first day in many months that i havent been dangerously close to ending my life. its all so bizarre.

    i had a spinal tap appt in NYC that i cancelled this week...the doctor wanted to do a lot of expensive testing aside from the spinal tap. i was so fed up with my situation that i actually had words with him over the phone - probably a bad move. he is good friends with my NYC doc and a very prominent park ave. neurologist lol

    have you had a spinal tap?

    i cannot believe i havent had one but no one will test spinal fluid like peterson and i just cannot go to nevada at this point.

    i spend most of my days in bed, praying i do not become resistant to valcyte, that the toxicity doesnt kill my liver, and that i will find some way to afford it when my drug plan runs out.... bad times....

    i did respond to valcyte before though..

    i also continue to experience a lot of twitching - toes fingers and muscles. i thought it was demyelinization but my doc said that wouldnt present this way. then i read that it can mean kidney toxicity on valcyte lol - just what i need.

    hope you are doing better!


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