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    Enbrel has worked for me in the past but i am concerned it is made of aborted fetus tissue. can anyone shed any light on this?
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    We've had a few troll posts lately that the moderators looked at and removed. They have to take a look at this one too.

    APRIL 8, 2011: THE MODERATORS E-MAILED ME AND SAID THERE IS TRUTH TO WHAT THE ORIGINAL POSTER WAS SAYING. So I was looking for more info on that and only found a pro-life site called cogforlife.org and they don't mention whether the material is "human." (I've got such a migrane so that doesn't help in searching). Any one have any medical material on this so we can get more info?? Thanks. [This Message was Edited on 04/08/2011]
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    Thanks for posting the above from the site I mentioned. And the site you and I both viewed provides extremely limited information.

    The site fails to mention that the fetal tissue is human, and it should not be assumed it is as I'm looking for facts, and in my asking here for medical information, a determination that it is definitely human would be good to know, plus it would be good to know from a medical/scientific site exactly what is used and if it consists of the cord.
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    Thank you and the info you provided was what I was interested in finding out. When the site further above did not specifically mention "human" material, I had a feeling it was animal material-- much like the placenta hair treatments many, many years ago, and they were not from human placenta.
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