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  1. middy

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    Do's anyone here take Enbrel and if you do have you been getting sick alot? I have been on it for 3 months now and my ra is better but i have had the flu twice ,broncitisand have been really tired-more than usual.
    My name is middy and i am new here
  2. IlivetocantoronXena

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    Enbrel is a very sore subject for me. I hate this drug for what it has done to myself and my family. I explain it all in my profile. You can click on my screen name on the
    left hand side. All I had was 21 injections. Dear Enbrel plays with your T cells which are the fighter cells we have in our bodies. No wonder you keep getting ill on it. Some people have gotten sebis from this drug and died.
    My advise to you is to be very carefull with this very dangous drug. Listen to youe body as you know it better than any one else.
  3. middy

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    Sorry if I got your name wrong-
    I have had RA since 1982 and am 56 yrs
    I have been through the whole line of drugs from the small to the big guns and am running out of options so my rhumatoligist says. I have been on Predisone for 12 yearsand with all the other drugs I take with it I swear it is the only one that keeps me moving and I know it is very dangerous. Before I took it I couldn't walk many days. But this enbrel is really getting me down and my doctor says i don't have much choice if I want to walk or I will be in a wheelchair. I don't know what to do
  4. IlivetocantoronXena

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    I am so sorry dear, I too was bed ridden I was a terriable mother. I could not go or do things with my kids. I still have days that I cant walk, but know I don't know if it is my RA or MS they are very simalar in pain. I will keep praying that there will be a wonderful drug that comes out in the near future for You and I and other with RA.
  5. middy

    middy New Member

    thank you so much.
    It is great to know your not alone and that there are others out there to talk to about all this that understand what your going through. I was so lucky my daughter heard about this site and got me to try it
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    Dear Middy:

    I was on ENBREL for 4 months. I loved it. It was the only thing that has ever worked for me. I have RA and cannot take the typical RA drugs like methotrexate and plaqenil due to liver issues. I also was on prednisone for 5+ years and it was a wonder drug for me. Suddenly, ENBREL stopped working for me. Now I am on Humira, which has not had the same great results as the ENBREL. I was not ill on ENBREL, but have been ill since I started HUMIRA in April. I actually have had to stop taking the HUMIRA 3 different times now. I also fell very tired and flu-like for about 2 days after an injection.

    I would talk to your doctor about your illnesses, as ENBREL and HUMIRA can both affect your bodies ability to fight infections and you might need to take a break so your body can recover. You did not say if ENBREL was helping with your RA symptoms?

    Good luck.

  7. middy

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    the enbrel is helping the Ra when i'm on it and i have been on it for 3 months but in the last two months I have been off more than on because of many infections such as the flu (3 times) bronchitis an after thought of the flu
    and kidney infections so . my rhumy says I am running out of drugs and we upped the predisone and I take the enbrel as I can .
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