Encourage those who Haven't to Have a Lyme Test.

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    As I read your post , sounds so much like me and how I use to be After 10 yrs I finally had the Western Blot Lyme test and bingo lyme or should I say chronic lyme. I had, had three ,what I call regular lyme test by the rheum.. all negative.

    If dx and treatment started early enough you can get well. My treatment started much to late and the LLMD told me only to expect a 40 % improvement, which there are days I have more and days less.

    Just a suggestion..
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    Good reminder, greatgran.

    I encourage everyone to consider tick-borne infections as a cause of their symptoms.

    I especially encourage people to get an evaluation by a Lyme literate MD because testing alone is not reliable.

    I also had negative Lyme tests, but I have Lyme. I did test positive for Bartonella and Rocky Mt Spotted Fever.

    Here is info about the new Lyme Culture test from Advanced Labs in PA:



    My Lyme western blot through Labcorp only showed band 41. My western blot through Igenex lab in CA showed several Lyme specific bands in addition to band 41. My Igenex western blot was also read as negative because the CDC criteria are too strict. I knew, however, that I had Lyme specific bands that made my results significant.

    Igenex tests for more bands than other labs. Other labs leave out some very Lyme specific bands, which makes no sense.

    Here are some links to very good information for anyone who may want to read more about Lyme and other common co-infections:




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    greatgran....how are you feeling now? It has been a while since you last posted.