Encouragement for today - WARNING - CONVICTING STUFF

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by advancewithcourage, Mar 30, 2004.

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    Suppose that a man should give a friend a diamond ring, costing him one hundred sovereigns, and place it in a little velvet case which the jeweler threw in for nothing. Would he not think it strange, if on meeting his friend a few days later, she whould say, "Oh, that twas a lovely little velvet box you sent me. I am going to take every care of it. I promise to keep it wrapped up in safe place so that no harm shall come to it."
    Such a thing is too rediculous to be thought possible, yet is it not just as foolish for men and woman to be spending all their time and thought on their bodies, which are but caskets, containing the real self, the soul, the jewel of such great value that Jesus Christ, Who has all knowldedge of relative values, prized it so highly that he thought it worth His while to give His own life that He might redeem it, while perchance it never recieves a moment's thought from you?
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    This post does get me to thinking. Helps to keep my head on straight. God bless yall.

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    My ex wife used to use subtle ways to keep me from going to the gym, (Mind you I was going to stay healthy and keep in somewhat good shape for her) yet she would never believe when I told her her implants were the cause of her CF. I never really ubderstood how an ordained minister such as she was could justify that, untill we seperated and a week later I found her with someone else. It was then I understood.
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    The more I focus on myself and how cruddy I feel, the worse off I am.

    Just so hard to keep from doing it sometimes. Thankfully God is very merciful to us as we continue to fall back into bad habits.

    Now...... if I could just learn to be that merciful to others!

    3 steps forward and 2 steps back is still forward progress!!
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    Your post really puts things into perspective. How often do we value a small insignificant thing when the real prize is right before our eyes. We can get so focussed on the little things that we miss the true blessing that God has just waiting for us. Thanks for the post!