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    Please, if you have time, please watch CNN's Anderson Coopers' shows on Planets in Peril.

    Endangered Species should be protected.

    It is an awesome collection of shows on our planet, and not only on Endangered Species, but this one I found to be so awesome to watch.

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    Came across an interesting "flying lemur" named culogo in southeast asia. About size of a small cat it can glide about 230 feet+. Anyway, I'm sure endangered. Very few pictures because nocturnal.

    sorry, no picture here. Your Mr Bill.

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    Aren't they so preciously gorgeous?

    You know, here in Wisconsin, some hunters, not all, want the right to hunt the Timber Wolves that use to be endangered in Wisconsin. By golly, it's a good thing that majority of Wisconsinites do not want them hunted, like a good 60 some percent think it's not right to hunt for them. They use fear tactics of what wolves might do to one's kitten or puppy, and then see how one changes their minds. That fear tactic is so old and biased.

    There are gang members killing people. But would you want the wolves to select which one of us are bad to kill off? I sure as heck would not.

    My point is, rarely does a species need to be killed, as rarely are they a threat to a majority of people, unless people are going out, starting trouble with them. Also, with the deer population just going rampid in Wisconsin and other states, we NEED the Timber Wolves to cut back on that population. My dad nearly was killed three times in the past year by being hit by a deer on the country roads. Others did not survive. So, we can either learn to live at peace with the Timber Wolves, or continue to get killed by deer on the road, as well as hunters who cannot aim right.

    If you see on this endangered species segment by Anderson Cooper, you will see him talking about how the wolves in the Yellowstone National State Park have helped the rest of the ecosystem for thousands of species.



    Is this your flying lemur?

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    Colugo was that fierce dog Stephen King wrote about.

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    Cujo was the unfortunate, misunderstood dog in the Stephen King book. Stephen was going to use a culogo, but decided the idea wouldn't fly.

    lol:) Oh, the only way I could find an image of a culogo was by searching for "flying lemur".

    Which led me to flying snakes, which led someone to say, "Oh, Great, flying snakes".

    I sometimes think about what humans would have of value to trade with Alien civilizations. I suppose Art, music, and complete ecological systems would be good candidates.

    A cupful of earth dirt has a history of a billion years and billions of organisms.....getting along. To create a fungal truffle farm would be so complex as to require trade exchanges.

    Of course, some fast talking Alien will probably get us to sign off on Earth rights for cheap. Earthlings might be like those natives that give away unique plant knowledge for cheap.

    Cheers, your mr Bill

    Hmmm, deer must kill many more humans than wolves. Can't remember last time a wolf killed a human, but almost everyday people hit deer around here.

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    Yes, but they allow deer hunting. Unfortunately some people don't have the stomachs for venison. They are crazy, not knowing how good venison is in a good tasting Manwhich sandwhich. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Or a well cooked steak of venison. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! They can fill our plates up. I doubt many would want to eat wolf meat. Venison is so much tastier. Yes, more humans are being killed by deer, including children in the vehicles, than any wolf. I do not know of any reports of wolves eating any humans either. Maybe once in a blue moon. Hoowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllll!!!! Ha ha! Oh wait, that's a warewolf, Michael J. Fox's movie, lol. Saw that the other day of him playing basketball while turning into a warewolf. Maybe the warewolf stories, movies, and fairy tails over the years scared humans too much. My your eyes look big! My your teeth look big!

    Yes, I laughed so hard out loud about the alien thing. I hear alien stuff from my ex-bf that makes me laugh. It seems like those with higher IQs believe more in aliens, ha ha! Must be something to that. I wonder... My exbf could play Jepardy, as he spits out answers before I do. When I visit him or talk on the phone with him during Jepardy, I tell him to hush until I look at him for an answer, as I like to try to guess but my mind doesn't work that fast. I usually can guess 5 answers right in the whole game, ha ha. He can guess a majority of answers. He does believe in the alien theory of how we came about her on Earth. I believe strongly in my faith so I'm not sure, but if we were once aliens, someone was sure praying we'd make it, ha ha, because we did it! :)

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    More Planet in Peril was on tonight, and it was really interesting learning about everything.

    Please take the time to watch it on CNN, it will be on again tonight, and then on tomorrow night, 11 Eastern, 10 central, 8 p.m. for those in the time zone of California.

    It is a big eye opener.