Ended up in the ER last night, but I'm okay

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by boltchik, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    For the last month, some of you may have seen me post about my stomach issues. Pain, extreme nausea, dizziness, and then a new one came along, pain in my ovaries. I have barely eaten in a week, lost 5 lbs. (not the way I wanted to lose it)have been tired emotionally and physically and in a lot of pain.

    I couldn't take it anymore last night, the nausea would not allow me to sleep. The pain in my lower abdomen was bad also. I went in and had the most wonderful dr. and nurse, I could not believe how nice and attentive they were.

    They did the whole blood work up and an ultrasound of all my organs, stomach and ovaries. I had two separate problems, 2 ovarian cysts and possible ulcer in my stomach. They put me on anti-nausea med, and gave me meds for possibe ulcer. The cysts I have to keep an eye on as sometimes they resolve themselves.

    I am just happy to finally know what is wrong, to deal with it and move on to a happier place. I didn't post as much as normal in the last month because of how bad I felt, no energy. But I wanted to say hello to all and wish you a happy, pain-free day! Kim :)
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  2. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I'm so happy to hear that you have answers and treatment!!!

    Now, feel better just as soon as you are able!

  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    some help. It is awful feeling rotten and not knowing what's up.

    Now, you can deal with all of this.

    My prayers for a good outcome soon!

  4. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell recently,but I bet it's such a relief to finally know what was causing your worsening symptoms.
    I would assume you were dreading that the docs would put it down to Fibro & tell you that you would have to live with it.So it must be such a weight off your mind just finding the cause of the problems.
    Hope you get some relaxation & that the meds do the trick.
    Take care,Paul.
  5. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Now put your feet up,take your meds, and try to get better.

    have a restful, painfree day...lacey
  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I'm Glad your ok! Glad you went to the ER! Cause you just never know what might be wrong! We get programmed into thinking That whatevers wrong with us has to do with the DD!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wishing you well Dear!,,,,,,Sydney
  7. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    I am so sorry you had to something as stressful as go to the ER, but it sounds like that was the best thing you could possible have done!

    How wonderful that you were treated with respect and that you were thoroughly examined!

    It must be a huge relief to know what you are dealing with.

    I, too, had a possible ulcer at one point, and it went away. I wish the same for you!

    And, while I don't have cysts, I do have a fibroid, which is a type of cyst, I believe. It was discovered about ten years ago and hasn't really caused me any problems. Like an ovarian cyst, it is benign (phew!).

    I hope you take the time to unwind and treat yourself well. You've been through a lot!

    Take care,
  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    well thank goodness you got an answer, hopefully the meds will help and the cysts won't get any worse, but now you can keep an eye on it.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    know some progress has been made. Good luck w/ your treatment.

  10. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    It is easy to chalk up some of our symptoms to the DD, but somehow I knew this was different. I don't think my reg. dr. was helping me the way she should have been doing.

    Rafiki, thanks so much. Truthfully, I feel better already just with the amount of meds I had in the er. Hope your day is going great!

    Sue, thanks for your prayers. It is nice to have the support of such nice people on this board. Hope you are enjoying your day.

    Paul, yeah I do dread telling the dr.s about the fibro sometimes, because who knows what response you will get. I was so certain this was different, that I did not mention the fibro this time. But, I have to say these people were so nice and professional, I bet they would have been very respectful and asked if there was anything they could do for the fibro also. Hope you are enjoying your evening.

    Lacey, Hi! Guess what? I have been putting my feet up until about 10 minutes ago. My wonderful sister came with me last night, and stayed all night with me Then, she came back and helped get my kids ready for school and took them for me. So, I have had some nice rest today. Hope you are doing the same and enjoying your day.

    Sydney, you're so right, sometimes we just think, oh another fibro or CFS symptom. But I just knew, not this time. Thanks for the good wishes, it means a lot.

    Mezombie-yeah, I did not want it to come down to the ER, but I felt I really had to go. I could not sleep or eat, it was terrible. I just wanted to get all of the tests done at once and get it over with. Glad your ulcer went away, lucky you! And yes, it was refreshing for the ER doc to spend about 30 minutes with me at then end, telling me all of the results and going over it in detail. There was even some joking to lighten the mood, and I felt like he was actual interested in making sure his patients received the best care! Wow! That made me feel good. Thanks for your continued support.

    Rosiebud, Yes I will definitely be keeping an eye on things. It's great though, today I feel happier than I have in a month, happy with relief that is something that can be treated and can get better. Have a fantastic evening and thanks for posting to me.

    Rock, thanks for the good wishes. I look forward to starting my treatment, and I will probably have to change up my diet a bit. I am definitely up for that. After going through a month of strong symptoms, nausea, pain and dizziness, I am happy to change things around with my diet. Hope you are having an absolutely fantastic day!

    Thanks, my friends, your posts make me smile! Kim :)

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