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    This will be short.
    I am exhausted.

    Please comment if you could:

    My a.m. cortisol is 18 - the lab range is 5-25. He thinks it's okay. I didn't argue. I had a million things to discuss with him.

    BUN is 21 -lab range is 7-18 He didn't say anything.
    I saw it when I came home and read my blood work.

    AST/SGOT is 14 range is 15-37.
    I had my gallbladder removed and I have fatty liver

    Creatinine 813.3
    microalbumin 119.18
    crea/micro ratio 14.6

    micro is in flagged high but my endo says the ratio is good. My know it all neighbor disagrees.


    T3 uptake 32
    T4 10.7
    FTI 3.4
    TSH 2.48

    Thyroid antibodies
    thyroglobulin <2
    there is an * under that says result is below
    sensitivity limit of test.

    ANy help appreciated.
    I had to cover too many bases with him
    and didn't notice some of these when with him.
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    Yes, I was fasting and I never drink coffee!!!

    Thanks for the response.

    These are the ranges for thyroid tests:

    T3 uptake 30-39
    T4- 4.8-13.9
    FT! 1.4-4.5
    TSH .34-4.82

    Thanks so much.
    Hope you are adjusting to life back from
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