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    Hi ya'll

    Well the time has come for me to have surgery for Endoetrral Ablation this Friday.

    It's funny how I found out. As you recall, I was having some serious chest pains last Friday, and as I was scheduling to see my Primary doctor, he told me that I was schedule to see him that day for a physical. I told him for what and he told me for the surgery scheduled for Friday, August 15.

    Apparently, the specialist contacted his office and informed him that they were not able to get a good test of the biopsy that I had recently and they want to go in and get a sample due to the heavy bleeding I was having. The have also noticed that I have a pulip and they have informed me that it may appear that the bleeding has gone away but will come back with a vengance. So, I agreed to have the surgery not only for the added sample of the pulip, but to also help with the future bleedings.

    Well, I may not have my priorities in check, but can someone tell me what the recovery time is for this surgery? You see, I have Dodger tickets for Saturdy, August 23, and I'm not sure if I will be in spirits to attend.

    Can anyone share their experience(s) with me? Or should I cancel my outing all together? I have not been out for a while and would like to attend if all possible.

    Thanks for your input and advice.


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    I was told a couple of days recovery (back to work on monday) but it took me about five days to really be up and around. I was sore and tired for longer than that, but I could function. I would think that you could go to the game, will you have an arm to lean on for extra support? I did feel a bit weaker than I expected. Not as bad as when in a flare. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. I did feel significantly better after all was said and done and hope you will too.

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    My friend had this operation done and she had severe pain and also developed an infection. If you have been taking pain meds for awhile and have developed a tolerance, you are going to need more than the darvocet or Tylenol 3 they prescribe. Hopefully you have talked to your doctor and have talked about possible pain control after the surgery. I know it is an ambulatory surgery and you will probably go home within an hour or two of the proceedure. I wouldn't cancel the Dodger's game, though, because everyone if affected differently. Just rememeber, even though you go home soon after, surgery is surgery. Just be careful! :)