Endometriel Ablation.........

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    Is this another condition, Endometriel Ablation, triggered by Fibro?


    I'm on my way to see the specialist for a consultation, who I guess, will explain the procedure. It's my understanding that they will go into, you know where, to first see if this is indeed related to endo.....if it is.....then then will proceed with the surgery.

    Yes, I did attend the fibrothon and I will update you as soon as I can.

    Will keep you posted.......Gotta go.....have a 4:00 appt.



    Well, I finally saw the specialist and the first thing that he asked me was if I had any medical problems....and as painful as it might be, I told him proudly that I had Fibromylagia.

    Do you know what his response was to me? He told me..."Oh the basketcase condition." I could have reached over his desk and chocked the sh** out of him. But instead, because I AM a lady, I opened up my daytimer and pulled out a pamplet that I carry on Fibro for special occassions like this and I gave it to asking him to please, before he made any comments to anyone else, he should read up on the current information. He could see that I was greatly appalled so he then apologized and said that in the medical world thats what the call it because they don't now the cause or have a cure. I did not want to get to indepth since I couln't really defend myself cuz I'm still learning about this. I figured he got what I was trying to tell him with providing him the pamplet of his ignorance to this condition.

    Anyhoot after that heated statement we kept on discussing my treatment for the endo.

    Doc says that the procedure to be performed will consist of them going in with a little camera to take a look at whats going on in there and at the same time, conduct a biopsy. I asked him if I would be put to sleep for this and he told me that all I had to do is take 4 Moltrins before I see him and that I should be fine. I mean, if I have to take 4 MOLTRINS what is he trying to tell me? The procedure according to him is almost like having a big menstrual cramp. Depending on what he finds at the time, and according to him, I will know the results that same day, will determine what will happen next.

    Has anyone had a Biopsy? I know that when I had my thyroid biopsy, it was not very pleasant.