endometriosis and birth control pills question

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    For those of you with endometriosis, what do you take or do to slow the return of endo after its removal? Based on the side effects I have from birth control pills, I think I'd rather endure a yearly laparoscopy to remove it. Here's some background info.

    Last month, I had a laparoscopy, the Dr. removed some endometriosis, and started me on Seasonale, so I'd have just 4 periods a year to slow the return of the endometriosis. It is the 4th birth control pill I've tried with the goal of making my periods lighter; however, I've had bad side effects with all of them and had to stop.

    Due to side effects (major breast tenderness, cramping every day as if I'm having a period, anxiety, etc.) from the Seasonale, the Dr. now wants me to take Yasmin. After reading about it, I'm reluctant to try it because it sounds like all the rest & cautions use if you have adrenal insufficiency (which I do.)

    In fact, my fibro/cfs dr. tells me I already produce far more estrogen than I'm supposed to, so won't all birth control pills just make this worse? By the way, I do want to have children when my health permits. I'm sorry to ramble. You all always have great advice and suggestions.
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    I have not been dx for endo but have had the symptoms for years, I have gone through 7 or 8 types of BC pills in 8 years and the two that work for me are Yasmin and Alesse. They are supposed to be the ones with the lowest hormones. On Yasmin you should be checked during the first 3 months and if everything is ok then it should stay that way.

    By the way my doc did not bother with the laparoscopy b/c he said the BC pill would take care of the problem.

    You need to be patient and you will find one that works. The worse for me wa Ortho Tri-Cyclen, it even gave me pimples, which I have never had in my life.

    I hope this helps.

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    I was just diagnosed with two blood clotting disorders related to gene mutations. Anyway, birth control was a major issue because of the risks of clotting. I am on the depo shot (depo-provera) and this was the only form of birth control that my doctor said was okay for me to be on because it doesn't contain estrogen. With the shot I don't have any periods at all. I get the shot every three months. I haven't had any bad side effects, but everyone is different. It might be worth asking your doc about.
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    Nobody seems to like this suggestion, but I was dx'd with SEVERE endo 23 yrs ago... I was given 6 months of bc pills, but wanted to get pregnant and had been having problems getting pg...

    While I was on the bc pills, I found out about Candida, and went on diet and took nystatin, I was very very strict... and it worked beautifullly, not only to control pain, but I also had 2 kids right when I wanted them!

    BTW I was dx'd with severe endo 23 years ago and again 11 years ago... had laser surgery, but wouldn't do anything else; as long as I follow diet pretty closely I'm okay.

    The Endometriosis Association said that a survey they did a ways back on members found that eating according to the Candida diet etc., gave the best symptom relief! And the best part is, NO SIDE EFFECTS like all those hormones!

    Give it a try, it really does work!

    All the best,
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    I'd never had problems with bc pills when I'd taken them off and on over the years...

    Until I tried to take a 6 month course of the lowest estrogen pills at the time (this was 1994); strangely, all of a sudden I couldn't take any of them, tried a couple kinds, always felt like I was literally being kicked in the stomach - even awakened me at night...

    So, I'm still sticking to my diet as much as possible as that no longer is an option. And yes, even tho I've gone thru menopause, I KNOW when I've violated the diet/eaten too much moldy/yeasty food in particular.

    On the bright side, I've had nary a hot flash as I'm estrogen dominant.

    all the best,
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    Dear Mary Cecelia

    I was diagnosed with endo when I was 35, but I had obviously had it for years. Went through a full range of treatments, including laps with laser therapy about three times. Tried various birth control pills, but side effects were bad. Then the gyno. tried straight progesterone - bad side effects- and then pure testerone - really bad side effects including a tendency to want to bash up truck drivers - I'm 5ft 2in - so not a good idea.

    Eventually, I was in so much pain I pleaded with him to open me up and take out anything that was wrong with me. I ended up with a total hysterectomy. He said that he did not really believe that I was as bad as I claimed, but I was. He said that my insides looked like the innard of a frozen chicken, everything was stuck together. Unpleasant image I know. If he had done a full exploratory several years earlier he might have been able to save an ovary - or more.

    On the good side, however, he said that had he waited much longer I might have lost my bowel and bladder as the endo spread further. This is not an unknown complication. Have never regreted the hysterectomy: because of the endo. he said that I would never have been able to have children anyway. That is the regret.

    The point I am trying to make, eventually, is that it might be an idea to find out EXACTLY how extensive your endo is and work from there.

    It has been suggested by my cfs doctor that if I had received appropriate treatment with NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM - the prescription cream, not the over the counter stuff, and if I my progress on it had been monitored by a doc. who knew what he was doing a lot of the damage could have been prevented and the surgery avoided. You might like to follow up this idea. Check Dr. John Lee's work on the web. Interestingly, there is a higher than normal link between cfs and endo.

    Good Luck. It's a long road and I am glad that I reached the end of it.
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    I appreciate all of your helpful responses and will look into your suggestions. For now, I don't plan to take any of the pills, as I feel horribly enough w/o dealing with those side effects. Of course, I know that means the endo will be growing back. Thanks again!!!
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    Yasmin is the best, it has changed my life. I was on Alese, Ortho-tri-cyclen, orth-novum, tri-phasil, low-overal (or something like that), something that started with an M (it gets harder and harder to keep track). They all had such bad side effects, I got sick to my stomach, break through bleeding, cramps, PMS and the breast pain as out of control. My breasts were just killing me all of the time. My doctor switched me to Yasmin a few months ago, it has been life changing. No pain at all (other than fibro pain) No breast pain, cramps nothing. Instead of feeling like my period was always affecting my body (three weeks out of every month were wasted, one before hand, one during and the one after to recover). Yasmin has been so great for me, I know meds work differently for everyone, but it is great. My friend who is a pharmacy tech says a lot of her customers have had similar experiences with Yasmin, it seems to really be different.
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    No, I did not try the medicine and continue to have heavy, painful periods each month. I plan to see a new gyno. soon.