Endometriosis, cyst and/or female question?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KateMac329, Aug 22, 2006.

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    For awhile there I thought I was the expert on all of this stuff but I have myself stumped and would like some input if you have any!

    And before you tell me to go running to the doctor I am going on Thursday! :) But I do want to know your opinions before I get in there so I can have an idea of what might be going on and what kind of questions to ask.

    Thursday evening while I was getting ready for an evening out to dinner for my Sister's birthday I was trying on some pre-pregnancy jeans. They fit but I have been a little bloated so I decided to just go with some nice shorts and a polo shirt.

    As I bent down to take them off I got this searing sharp pain in my lower left abdomen around my ovary area. It felt like someone had stabbed me.

    Well from LOTS of experience I knew right away that a cyst had ruptured. Immediately I had the sweats and I was shaking and I felt hot and dizzy. All the usually symptoms.

    I yelled out to the living room saying it was going to take a bit longer for me to get ready then I thought so just hang on! (I was NOT going to cancel my Sister's birthday dinner!!!! We were taking her to Shogun and besides I have been through cysts a million times before! I knew how to handle it!)

    So I found some early pregnancy shorts put those on and found a large shirt to cover my now large and swollen belly. I looked about four months pregnant (no joking!) and didn't want to call attention to myself from either my husband or my Sister.

    I was in immense pain and my husband had my act before we even left the house but I made him promise to just go along with it because I wasn't going to ruin my Sister's dinner.

    Well, all weekend long I was in pain and the swelling really didn't go away which I thought was rather unusual. Swelling from ruptured cysts for me in the past would only last a couple of hours, over night if that long and the pain really wouldn't stick around long either.

    Monday morning when I woke up it was hard to do any type of twisting movements because the swelling is getting worse and because the pain is getting worse. I swear I feel like I am pregnant all over again except my swollen belly isn't rock hard!

    Now today I am still feeling pretty bad. I am in pain among a bunch of other symptoms that may not mean anything but I am not sure. But considering how great I have been feeling it sounds to me that whatever is going on it is affecting me.

    I am exhausted beyond belief, my tolerance level is about a zero, I feel like I am having a hard time concentrating on things, I can't eat very much because I have a constant feeling of being full and I am just overall very irritable. Not to mention I feel like someone has punched me in my stomach and put their fist through to my colon and pulled my colon out through my belly button. (I know crazy! But I am having colon pain.) And no I am not constipated nor do I have the "D".

    So like I said I am normally an expert on all this endometriosis and cyst stuff but this one has me baffled. I feel like things have been one right on top of another lately.

    I just need a body vacation!!!


    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!!!


    P.S. A couple of years ago I did have a cyst rupture that was the size of a softball and when it ruptured it twisted my ovary around a couple of times but this doesn't feel like that did. ???????

    I am clueless!

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    you could have a hernia this time? I know guys usually get them but my sister had a pretty bad one after having her second child.
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    Mayline - Hi honey! Thanks for your thoughts!!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers too! I am sorry for what you have been through lately. Hang in there sweetheart!



    cjcookie - Hello! Thanks for your reply! I never thought about something like that. I will have to look into that. I don't know anything about it.

    It feels a lot like the former cysts I have had so I just don't know. The only difference with this one is that my belly is STILL so swollen and I am STILL in pain.

    I am going to the doctor but I just wanted to see if anyone knew anything.

    I really appreciate you writing in though! Thanks!


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    please make sure you insist on a ultra sound..you sound alot like my sister. she also bend and acted the same...she has an ovarian cyst. not all of them break..my granddaughter just had a 6 lb cyst out. she was big. we thought she was just fat..but , get this she is only 13 yrs. old...myself has had alot of cyst but none that i know of broke so needless to say I had alot of surgery. I'm not sure 7 or 8. till they finally took it all..

    but be sure he does the test to see for sure.

    I will be thinking of you..please let us know how you got on..

  5. starmom

    starmom New Member

    This sounds so painful. I will keep you in my prayers.

    My mom had some of this. She had uterine problems that made her abdomen swell. Her uterus was bleeding INTO her abdominal cavity. Period bleeding was worse than usual, but the bleeding occurred even when she was not having a period. the pain came on suddenly like this.

    PLEASE have the docs do an ultrasound. And any other tests you can think of. This sounds really serious.


  6. lickeable4u

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  7. KateMac329

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    Lorraine – I actually think I replied to your post about your Granddaughter! I thought I knew everything there was to know about these silly cysts but who knows. My gyno is awesome and always does an ultrasound so we will see what he finds!

    Thanks for the advice and reply! ((HUGS))

    Intensity – You might want to have your appendix checked out!!!!! I had similar pains to what you are talking and actually had to have my appendix removed while I was 18 ½ weeks pregnant. Not something I wanted to go through but me and baby made it through just fine. My son is almost seven months and is doing great! Thanks for the reply and good thoughts! Keep us updated on your pain though on you, seriously it could be your appendix. That is some of the worst pain I have experienced in my life!!!

    And actually while I am bringing the appendix up my husband made a point last night. He thinks that the colon pain could be either the endo getting to the colon or just scar tissue from the appendix surgery affecting the colon. I don’t know! But I will hopefully find something out tomorrow!


    Starmom – Oh your poor Mother!!!! Goodness I can’t imagine how painful that can be! This is probably a very stupid question but did she have any clues that lead her to tell that something was wrong besides the pain.

    I am asking because with Endometriosis you are in pain a lot, at least with mine. This is the way I have been for years. I was hoping it would go away after my son was born but it didn’t.

    The severe swelling of my belly is pretty alarming. I mean I was looking pretty flat considering I just had a baby almost seven months ago and from last Thursday to today it is just plain scary to see my belly. I seriously look four months pregnant. I actually had to ask my husband how long my belly had been like that because a long time ago I suffered from BDD (body dysphoric disorder) so I wanted to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing and I am. Thanks for your reply and input! I appreciate it!

    Lickeable – I have had several surgeries in the past five years for endometriosis and ovarian cysts. On one of my surgeries to remove endometrial tissue they found a lot of fluid floating around and some pooled blood just sitting behind one of my ovaries. So I understand what you are talking about. I have thought about that the past couple of days wondering if maybe that is what is going on now. Thanks for taking the time to write in and welcome to the boards!!! ((HUGS))

    To everyone! I have a pretty good Gyno and he always does ultrasounds, exams, and the works pretty much so I don’t have to worry about him missing anything. My appointment is tomorrow afternoon and I will let you guys know what I find out. Thanks for your support and advice! I appreciate it!



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  9. penpardee

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    Like you I've had much experience with ovarian cysts...pain and rupture. I remember one particular cyst that ruptured and a few days after I ended up in the hospital emergency room with what was diagnosed as peritonitis...inflammation of the abdominal organs caused by the cyst fluid. A good round of antibiotics and a week of rest set me back on track. Hope all goes well for you.

  10. mosherpit

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    What did you find out?
  11. KateMac329

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    Hey hon,

    My appointment is today at 1:30 and for some reason I am scared and nervous!

    I have been to the gyno a million times because of this kind of stuff but I just have a feeling about something.

    I know I am not making sense but I just don't know....

    Thanks for thinking about me! I am going to give an update this evening when I get back home!


  12. pam_d

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    I hope you find that this is something simple to fix, but I wondered about peritonitis, too....when a cyst ruptures, in SOME cases this can happen. I have had a couple of cysts rupture over the years, but they always self-healed. But sometimes, they don't. Peritonitis is serious but fixable, too (my sister had it a week after ruptured appendix surgery; they had to go back in and fix the peritonitis, but she was fine afterward). Do you have a fever? I would think you would, with peritonitis.

    Anyway, I'm going to say a prayer for you that your GYN finds the cause, and that the fix is an easy one. Please let us know how it all comes out.

    You have certainly had more than your share of illness lately! I'm hoping this is the last one...

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    Thanks Pam!

    I know! Y'all are going to start thinking I am making this crap up! :) Just how my luck goes I guess!

    I just would like to enjoy my son! That is all I want and pray for! I would like to just not deal with anything major and just have fun and watch my little boy and his little milestones.

    He is about to start crawling so I am excited and nervous at the same time!

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I gotta say I am really really really nervous!

    I was just emailing one of my girlfriends who is a member here and I am just SOOOO nervous and scared. I just feel like there might be something to this but I think I am just over reacting (sp?)

    I am probably reading way to much into this but I just have that gut feeling, that intuition thing.

    I don't know....

    Okay I need to go get in the shower because my appointment is actually at 1:30 and it is 11:45 so I need to get going!

    Thanks for the kind thoughts! I need a break!


  14. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    We definitely don't think you are making anything up, Silly girl.

  15. Jeanne-in-Canada

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  16. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    she did fire a quick email to say she has a cyst, but inside the ovary and will need surgery. She was of course exhausted.

    I'm sure she can use all our prayers and best vibes.


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