Endometriosis/ Fibromyalgia

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  1. vickynjc

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    I read an article saying that 31% of females who had or have endometriosis will get fibromyalgia. I did have endometriosis. Just wondering if anyone else out there has had endometriosis.
  2. kjfms

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    I had endometriosis and have FMS. I had a hysterectomy. Everything seemed to flare up or happen around the same time for me around 1999.


    Karen :)
  3. MamaDove

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    Hi Vicky,

    While you are waiting for responses, you may want to search previous posts on here by going to the top of the page and typing in 'endo', 'endometriosis' in the search box under title...We have had many discussions here regaring that...You can read my profile (long and no paragraphs, sorry) but it explains my long journey and how endo was most likely my first trigger for fms/cf...

    I see you are new to the board and wanted to welcome you, you will gain much knowledge here and make new friends that really know how you are feeling...I am very glad that I found this place and I am sure you will be too...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  4. SusanEU

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    Yes, I had it 1991, was completely cured with surgery and meds and got fibro 2005.

    I had never heard that it was 31%, though, that's interesting.

    A lot of us here have or have had it.

    Sue in Ontario
  5. victoria

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    It has been discussed here extensively. It has also been linked to dioxin and other so-called 'autoimmune diseases' in a much higher proportion overall.

    Also you say you 'did have' endo... did you have a hysterectomy?

    You might know that it can reoccur anyway in a small subset of women who have had hystrectomies.

    You might also want to ultimately check out the endometriosis association online

    all the best,

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  6. eeyoreblue02

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    was the beginning of my medical nightmares. Am still battling it after 17 years. Had my son five years after being diagnosed and told I could never have another child.

  7. zion1971

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    i suffer from endometriosis. i have since the second month of starting my period. the first one was so uneventful. my mom kept asking me did i feel alright. i wondered why. horrible pain. my mom thought i just had a hard time handling normal cramps. i don't know why. i would double over in pain. cry. vomit. have diarrhea. cry some more. i started having periods when i was 12, but did not get a diagnosis of endometriosis until i was 26. fibromyalgia would be a logical result of all those years of suffering and no treatment.
  8. luvlabs

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    I had fibro first but had so much abdomonial pain - went through months and months of Lupron injections but didn't help the Endometriosis. Things got worse and was rushed in for complete hysterectomy and lots of relief with abdomonial pain but the Fibro is very, very chronic with widespread pain.
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