Endometriosis question

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    I just looked up endo on the internet but only had time for a quick look as a massive thunderstorm is beginning and I have to shut down. However, the question I have relates to the statement that it effects women in their child bearing years. I'm long past that. I didn't have particularly painful periods for the last few years I had them, just these strange pelvic pains that come and go, which have been suggested to be psoas muscle related.

    Should I still look into Endo?

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    Endometriosis is caused by bleeding of endometrial tissue that has somehow located itself outside of the endometrium. This bleeding is caused by the monthly rise and fall of a woman's hormone cycles during her period. I'm assuming from what you say that you are in menopause and therefore do not have any more monthly hormone cycling. If you are on hormone replacement therapy (with progesterone) it could cause the bleeding to begin again so that is something to consider. Also if you are on estrogen replacement therapy this can effect the growth of estrogen sensitive tissue and result in tumors. For these reasons it is important to monitor the effects of any hormone replacement therapy to make sure you are getting what you need. If you are still having pelvic pain a checkup with your doctor to discuss your pelvic pain is probably a good idea.
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    This is the sense that I got from what little I read. I've been menopausal for about 4 years, don't even have hot flashes anymore, thank goodness. No hormones for me, even if they would improve some FM symptoms. I'm going to make a gyn appt. to check for polycystic ovarian syndrome though.