Endoscopy, stomach is very red all over and No Clear answer?

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  1. monom

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    I have had CFS for 18 years and had endoscopy 3 times and stomach showed very red and no clear answer,Does anybody know anything similar to this and what helps. I have had bad back ache along with stomach pain ever since.

    Thank you for your help and advice as usual.

    Thank you

  2. klutzo

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    I've had 2 endoscopies which showed a red, raw stomach. I was told it was Gastritis. The short-term solution was to take Pepto Bismol for 2 or 3 days until the stomach lining replaced itself. Over the long term, I found that taking 500 mgs. of calcium citrate with each meal slowly but surely got rid of the problem,adn it's good for your bones too. Also, digestive enzymes with meals will help keep things from irritating your stomach.
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    You might ask your doctor about reflux desease. Too much acid. Prilosec keeps my pain in check.

  4. monom

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    I need more advice,I saw some people on this board with similar diognosis before,I need to know if an infection is causing it.

    Thank you

  5. klutzo

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    The issue of Reflux disease is one where I believe conventional medicine is dead wrong. the only reason GERD is progressive, is that the medical treatment of it is backwards and makes it progress and get worse.
    Taking acid inhibitors long-term causes hyperplasia, a pre-cancerous coondition. It is not natural to have no acid in your tummy.
    At least 2/3 of people dx'd with GERD, including me, and I am CURED of it, have too little acid, not too much. The back up is due to the undigested food as there is not enough acid present to digest it. Relaxant drugs can also make this worse as they losen the valve seperating the tummy from the esophagus, and a lot of tummy fat also puts pressure there.
    The treatment is 500 mgs. calcium citrate, digestive enzymes, and water with lemon juice at meals. Do not lay down until 3 hrs. after eating, and use a wedge pillow until you get better. If these measures do not resolve it within 6 months, you add hydrochloric acid caps slowly until you get the relief you need.
    Having said that about GERD, I have to say that the red stomach symptoms do not fit GERD,and sound more like the inflammation of gastritis. Besides being more common as we get older due to the lowering of the amt. of acid in our stomachs as we age, gastritis also responds to the above remedies, but usually requires some immediate relief as well, since it is so painful. I like Pepto-Bismol for this, as long as you are not on the Guai protocol. There are some serious illnesses that can present with gastritis, so be sure to have a complete blood chemistry work-up if you have not had one recently, and if it continues to bother you, go back to the doctor.
    I hope you recover soon,
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    Bump-Thank you
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    Great advice from Klutzo.

    I`ve been reading a book by Dr Batmanghelidj on water. He says most stomach problems are due to not drinking enough water.
    We need at least 6 glasses a day with a pinch of Sea Salt in each if tolerated, "love it myself". If you have a glass 1/2 hr before food, it soaks into the system and then helps with digestion. He says peptic ulcers, gallstones, gas, indigestion, hiatus hernia, asthma are all caused by lack of water. It`s a brillient easy read book "Your Bodys many Cries For Water".

    Flaxseed Oil is mega, 1 tbsp X 2 a day will help work wonders on everything.

    Try increasing your water/Sea Salt intake, has to be worth a try - it`s almost free.

    Love Pat
  8. Hippen

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    I also had an endoscopy when I was 19 years old...yes 19. My IBS symptoms were so bad that they thought I might have crohns disease. Doc did the scope and found that my stomach and the bottom tip of my esophagus was red and inflamed. He put me on Tagamet for awhile and it seemed to fix my inflamation for awhile. Later on, the problem came back....and I still suffer ometimes from bouts of IBS. OLE has helped control my IBS symptoms a great deal. There is a bacteria called H pylori or something similiar to that spelling?,that is said to cause ulcers etc. Maybe a long term, low dose antibiotic would help? Love Hippen
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    I have gastritus of the stomach lining and that is excactly what it looks like on the scope. Another thing you might want to be checked for is gastroparesis. It causes acid reflux etc. It is where your stomach is paralized and does not empty the food out properly. It can cause nausia,bloating,stomach pain, gastritus,acid reflux, feeling of fullness, weight loss etc. It is a test where you skip eating the night before. You go in and eat either eggs and toast or oatmeal with radiation stuff in it. They have you lay on a table and take pictures of your stomach for 2 hours. (yes, this is a VERY boring test) That will let them know how fast the food is emptying out of your stomach. Hope this helps, melody (pegasis)