Energy fluctuations related to menstrual cycle?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aryiella, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. aryiella

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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that after their period, your energy increases slightly. I have noticed that myself. Not increasing to the point of a normal person, but relatively speaking, say 20%. I would say the week prior to and during my period I am at my absolute worst in terms of energy and mood (much more depressed and likely to cry over stuff), but the week after my period I am much better. Is this due to an increase in progesterone? If so, maybe it would be beneficial to take that as a supplement. I recall one alternative doc recommended that to me before - 50 mg/day, but it caused spotting so I didn't continue, and I don't think I noticed any difference. Any thoughts on this?

  2. sssupermom

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    Me too, I also noticed that too. But also the weather makes me feel worse is that the case with you?
  3. lea

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    Hi Holly:
    I can't say an increased of energy but significantly worse before and during menses. (I only function between probably 0-20% or less all month.) I also took progestorone cream in the past, and it also messed up my cylce.
    take care
  4. aryiella

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    The weather effects me too, but I would say more on a seasonal basis as opposed to a day to day basis. I live in Pittsburgh, and we're lucky to get 4 warm/sunny months out of the year. The rest of the year I'm miserable. I would say during the summer I have a 25% improvement in energy levels. I'm still not "normal" per se, but it is a significant difference. I am actually planning to move to Florida for this reason, in about a year, because I can't take it anymore here.

  5. palmtree

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    Hi Holly,
    I definitely feel much worse the week before and during my period! I do notice that I feel much better after my period. Do you take birth control pills? I really think that makes a little difference because I even felt worse than worse before birth control. During my period when I am on the placebo pills, I feel so horrible. As soon as I begin a new pill pack, I feel much better. Sometimes I skip the placebos and go right to a new pack to avoid a period if I am having a bad month. I think it has a lot to do with sensitivity to hormone fluctuations, especially since people with CFS tend to be so sensitive to any bodily changes. Hope this helps a little!
  6. CelticLadee

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    Before my period I get so moody - like you...cry easy & feel so depressed - very unlike my usual self. My CFIDS symptoms all get worse too and I know it is linked to hormonal changes. Same thing happens everytime. When my period is about over and the hormones change again I start feeling better and also get more energy. I don't know the answer to your question but I just wanted you to know I go through the exact same thing and it is so irritating isn't it!? I hate living under a dark cloud as usually I am such an upbeat person. I did read somewhere that this is a common complaint with women with CFIDS but they didn't go on to tell you how to relieve it. Just said that PMS symptoms worsen with CFIDS. My hubby just walks softly and hugs me when he can. haha poor man. He is always very relieved when that time is over again cause he feels bad for me. He knows I try hard to suck it up and also he doesn't take it personal if I am not myself - thank heaven. Hope you get some answers to help out. I would be interested to hear any solutions to this monthly torture. My best to you Holly. CLD
  7. LauraLea

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    thought about it but yes I do have more energy afterwards. I'm not sure if it's just that I am so burned out during my period, or if the energy actually increases.

    I will have to look at this more closely.
  8. EllenComstock

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    any extra energy after my period, but I definitely have less pain. My worst pain is a few days before my period. After I start it is definitely better.

  9. annabanana

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    You are sOOOOOOO on the money about progesterone!!!!! For the fully accurate and complete story read Dr. John Lee's books What Your Dr. May NOT Tell you will need to know the BIG!!! difference between what is natural, healthy, life saving progesterone and the deadly shit the drug company's are passing off as if it were the same chemical composition as what we make naturally, when we all systems are functioning as they should. Guaranteed that any cream/pill/patch you get from your doc will be fake and put you at risk of contracting breast cancer and so much more. The sooner one knows all this, the better off they will be down the road. LOL Anna
  10. aryiella

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    Palmtree -

    I stopped taking birth control pills about 6 mos ago after being on them for about 5 years. I was taking them continuously like you said you did sometimes, so I'd only get a period about once every 3 mos which was wonderful. My skin was also better too. I stopped taking them because I was afraid the hormones could be contributing to my chronic fatigue in some way, and I've heard it can also contribute to candida. Anyone have any comments on this because I'd actually prefer to be on them due to those benefits, and honestly my fatigue seems no worse or better either way.

    CelticLadee -

    I know exactly how you feel. I get so depressed before my period sometimes I can barely function and everything seems hopeless. It's wierd, and I know it's not really "me" but there's nothing I can do about it!

    Annabanana -

    I think I may have heard of that book before. Do you personally take any progesterone supplements?

  11. Plantscaper

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    Up until about 4 months ago, I was prescribed synthetic progesterone to trigger a menstrual period every month because my periods had become so irregular that sometimes it would go as much as 6 months between periods..and I would have PMS that long if I didn't have a period triggered. Actually, it was the progesterone that made me tired right before my period and caused PMS, but at least I would have a period and then it would be over. Now, I am starting perimenopause and I wanted this time to be as natural, as possible, so I stopped taking the progesterone and I am taking evening primrose oil and it has really helped me normalize the hormones and I think it is helping me ease into perimenopause...and it has helped with the PMS, too, AND indirectly with better energy's a lot better than drugs.. lol, AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/20/2003]
  12. LErdman

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    I feel sooo tired almost 2 weeks before and the week of my period and definately feel a little better when it is over.
    I'm glad someone wrote about this. I did not have bad PMS before Fibro. I am tired most of the time anyway but can hardly keep my eyes open during period time.

    I am going to try the evening primrose and also read the Dr. John Lee books.

    Thank you for the input, sorry I have no solutions to offer. My Dr. did prescribe Prozac for depression and it does help a little with PMS but still very tired and run down. (I have no side affects from Prozac, I know some people do.)


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    Hi cindy hear , i live in austintown(near youngston
    I was reasently in A.Z loved it i wan't to move thear floridia /you have to still deal w/ humity ,A.z And places out west wear i was born SanJose calif /no humity
    But hubby wont give up OHIO
    Owell one day i will move to Arizoia Good luck
  14. LErdman

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    LiteFlames, I live in PA and the humidity IS draining! Like you I want to move away from it. The cold is not great for us but the HUMIDITY is worse for me. I can't even breath or get comfortable.
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