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    I play bridge with a group one Saturday a month in the evening and there are 8 of us with ages from 67 to 93. All ages in between and with me going on 75 this year..... None, deal with Fibro or CFS but a lot of other stuff and just plain aging....

    I noted last night, more than ever, that the 5 of us who take Grape Seed Extract and one member is the one who will be 93 this year, all are more spirit and VOICES..

    I have been reading a lot about Astaxanthin and it's supposed to do a lot too including helping with arthritis and eye I may be getting that one soon.....I believe all of the powerful antioxidants can help in many ways with more energy.

    I'm taking my neighbor who is 87, to the store a little later and she has been taking Grape Seed for probably 3+ yrs and she is strong in spirit and voice and she has her share of health challenges, believe me....

    Anyway, to More Energy. jam
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    Hey Jam...I finally just bought some GSE and started taking 1(100mg) 2x day several days ago. I'll be patiently waiting to see if it helps in any way. That is the recommended dosage on the label, just thought I'd see if you thought that was a decent dose. I couldn't remember what you said about dosing etc and I'm too braindead to find it on this confusing board. Bugs me to post now, don't know if I'll remember what board I posted on! o_O
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    Herm, 200mg is a good moderate dose, you are probably average weight, right...
    not too heavy not too light? Start with the 200mg, maybe even take the
    200mg at one time in early AM and then work to take 100mg later in
    the day too, don't expect miracles kiddo, but subtle changes are good...
    And if more good stuff happens, all the better.

    I take more per day but being the old hand at this, I know
    my body.. If one can take on empty stomach, that is
    preferred but if not, take with some food....I take my
    first 200mg in early AM on empty stomach. I've
    never had an stomach issues. Hope your system tolerates
    it well. jam
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    Hi, I am new here. I just wanted to add that grape seed has also helped me, along with the omegas. I also take a larger dose of each. One of my friends has also found that COQ has helped her alot.
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    Hi All.

    I have taken grapeseed extract capsules daily for several years.

    It increases my stamina.

    I can tell I get weaker if I skip a few weeks. Did that once when I got tired of taking pills, then it dawned on me to get back on the grapeseed and it instantly perked me back up.

    Plus I take the grapeseed for my sinus gunk running down the back of my throat and I blow the thick gunk out my nose too. Plus mild 24/7/365 allergies where I have a clear liquid running out my nose. I have Kleenex boxes in every room, and a bunch in my purse, and a box in van. I blow my nose constantly every day.

    With the grapeseed, blowing the sinus gunk out of my nose is totally eliminated, and just have it going down the back of throat. And the clear liquid isn't as constant, blow my nose for that about half the amount of times. If I go without the grapeseed for just one day, it all comes back full-force.

    I recently upped my dose with good results - even more stamina.

    I weigh 130 pounds.

    I started off years ago with 100 mg. a day, for a few years, since I start off everything very slow low dose to see if it agrees with me or not.

    Then a couple of years ago went to 200 mg. capsule a day.

    Now in recent weeks, I've been taking two 200 mg. capsules daily - 400 mg. a day. With even more increase in stamina, yayyyyy.

    I take it with food or on an empty stomach, just whenever I remember to take it. Luckily no problems with empty stomach. But it works fine for me taken with food too - I can't tell any difference either way, good.

    I also take it for my high blood pressure. I read years ago that it has a vasodilator effect, to widen my blood vessels so the blood flows easier. In turn, I suspect that someone with too low blood pressure shouldn't take it, since it could lower their blood pressure even more.

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  6. jaminhealth

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    Patti, I love to hear these reports...I have NEVER gone off in almost 18 yrs except prior to hip replacement, went off for 6 days I think, and then back on 2 days later...

    I deal with a lot of body pain for OA, Fibro and a mess from hip replacement, lots of structural mess and AGE, but I can't imagine how much worse I'd be by not taking my Grape Seed Ex....

    I have a bridge friend who will be 92 and all the general aches and pains and part of colon removed some yrs ago and a tad heart issue, she has been taking Grape seed, on my recommendation of course, and she is a marvel....Saw her yesterday we other 3 ladies tell her all the time about her energy etc. at close to 92..... She's a great testimony....

    So keep it up and don't miss a day, I just bought a deal with 1 bottle get 2 free....I keep a good stock, and normally take 400mg+ per day in a few doses. jam
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    I'm going to see my haircutter now and will take him a bottle of 200mg caps as I know he always talks about energy and lack of....I've known him 20 some yrs but never brought GSE up to him since many will not take the
    recommendation, so taking him a bottle could do it....I'll tell him to take 200mg two times per day.....for now.

    Who knows, he may not take me up on my offer, but I like him and he's been good to me for many years...jam
  8. FibroJune

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    Grapeseed in your daily living can be of so much value to your health. Cardiovascular health, supports the immune system, eye health and can even help provide ingredients for maintaining healthy skin. I take one from someone I met on one of these boards which got the recommendation from a friend who see's a holistic doctor. I did my own research however. The one I take also has vitamin c in it. I have seen things and heard other things that grapeseed can help with that you would be scratching your head going what???
    Make sure you take a good quality. No fillers, no dyes. And true Grapeseed is not cheap, so be watchful of that.
  9. jaminhealth

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    For what grape seed ex does, it's CHEAP....I have NOT bought an allergy/sinus drug in almost 18 yrs....

    And what is doing else to my body, can only HOPE it's working everywhere; cancer, cardio, etc etc....

    My hairdresser gladly accepted the bottle I took him and will take it for a month with my Insistance, not really but he was open, he drags with lack of energy, but has gained 20some lbs in the last year or so which he dreads....
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  10. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Jam et al,

    DH and I have been taking GSE 200 mg 2x a day for a few years now. It has seemed to keep us healthier and not so many colds and flu s as usual. When I get something it isn't as bad. I can go into bronchitis or pneumonia in a flash . I guess it helps with the NRG but for me I am in enough pain that I am not sure if the pain is making me more sluggish than anything else. I also take it for my b/p which seems to be at least somewhat helpful.

    One thing you have to watch is what happened to me this time when I ordered and got the buy one get two free, I didn't read all the info before buying as thoroughly as I should have. When I got it home I found they were 1oo mg. caps instead of 200 and you have to take 2 to get the 200 mg serving.

    Just had to pop in to say how much we like GSE. It may not be the magic bullet per se but it sure helps with a lot of challenges. I too started with one 1 1oo mg caps a day, them 2x a day and then on to 200 . Low and slow is the best approach.

    Hugz to everyone,
  11. jaminhealth

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    Granni, if we can FIND something that "HELPS"...that is almost often does this happen and no side effects....I had a magic anti inflammatory back in the 80's, it was great BUT I ended up the ER with a stomach ulcer....

    So pharma drugs are very very low on the totem pole for me...sadly I think more and more of death with aging and I have a LOT of older bridge friends, and we're losing some all the that's the real bullet, I'd like to not think like that but it's reality for me....I try to laugh and do what fun things that are "easy" for me....who would have thought...I thought I'd be 39 Forever...that was going to be the title of my book that I never wrote. jam
  12. FibroJune

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    Just what you said. For what it does it is cheap! I hope your hairdresser does well with it and can see a difference.
    Depending on the amount of toxins ones body has can make a difference as what they can feel and see happening. I have a friend who took antioxidants and minerals. He broke out in a rash all over his upper body for about a month, stuck with the supplement and saw a huge difference in his health after the rash cleared (from toxins).
  13. jaminhealth

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    Grape Seed Ex is just ONE helpera big one for me...there are SO MANY to look into...and true if our bodies are toxic, I'd bet rashes, etc. could break out. There is a lot to that "we are what we eat"....or what's eating us. jam

    Just thinking FOR ME on the grape seed ex, I have NOT purchased an allergy/sinus
    med in almost 18 yrs....those are drugs and give "temporary" relief, but also add more
    toxic drugs to the body. More toxicity, more fatigue for the body.
  14. FibroJune

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    So many helpers as you have stated. Omega's, CoQ etc. One thing to look at and think about is when you are getting a bottle of good quality antioxidants and minerals take into consideration what supplements you are already taking. Chance are there will be some of it already in the 2 bottles you are looking at and you may not have to buy anymore of what you have been taking.
  15. bretzie

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    Hi all, glad to be back here!! :)
    I have extreme weakness, feels like I'm going to pass/go into shock. I don't have Fibro. The weakness is driving me crazy - definitely gotten worse over the years.

    Nothing has helped. I'm going to see a kinesiologist soon re adrenal situation. Anyone have any ideas whether grapeseed extract could help with this -- or something else?

    I take Armour 70mg/day for low thyroid and a bunch of other things. C, D, Iron, etc.
    I tried D-Ribose - made my hypoglycemia act up - MORE weakness. I tried Rosacea (? spelling) - nada. Enada NADH used to help when it was made by the Vitamin Shoppe. Now it only helps a tiny bit. AAAARGH.
  16. hangininthere

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    Hi Bretzie. I have extreme weakness from CFS and Othostatic Intolerance too, it's all in my profile how weak I am. I'm bedridden because of it.

    In recent months, I've had a marked improvement by taking DHEA capsules and using hydrocortisone cream. I've read that DHEA helps the adrenals rebuild themselves. I suspect I have had adrenal fatigue for over a decade, which also caused me to go bedridden.

    I take an over the counter lower dose DHEA capsule once daily - 25 mg. - for a few weeks then take a break for a week or more, since I need breaks from most supplements, so as not to lose the effect or develop side-effects.

    I don't have access to a state-of-the-art doctor who could prescribe me hydrocortisone pills, so I use the over the counter cream.

    I rub a half-inch glob from the tube into my lower arms so it will soak in. It works instantly for when I need the strength to bathe. I rub it in about 15 minutes before.

    I had to go to baths a decade ago because I lost the strength to stand up in shower like I like, because of the orthostatic intolerance that hit me.

    I accidentally discovered that when I use the hydorcortisone cream, it strengthens me. Suddenly I could take a quick shower instead of bath. This is a huge improvement for me.

    Then I tried the DHEA a year later, in recent months, and it strengthens me a bit more. It helps me not to feel as lightheaded and faint about to die feeling.

    Still bedridden and use a wheelchair when out, but less faint. Even sitting up in wheelchair is very hard, but less faint. I have a reclining wheelchair I use for waiting rooms, since I can't sit up for long.

    These are subtle improvements to anyone else, but to me they're huge.

    I am now less lightheaded and faint when I have to get up, such as going to use the bathroom and back, or dragging myself to kitchen very occasionally to cook or bake. It's in my profile how I manage getting something done in the kitchen once in a great while.

    I use the hydrocortisone cream judiciously, only once about once a week when I need to get up for a shower and go, it's in my profile how often I can get out and go, which is once a week with extreme effort. I use it only once in a while for an instant boost, because I don't want it to build up in me and back-fire - build up in me too much or get side-effects.

    In another post, a member posted that the hyrdrocortisone actually ends up depleting adrenals. So just try it for a quick boost on occasion as needed.

    The other member posted about Adrenal Glandular being good for adrenal fatigue, which I have some I haven't tried yet but will next week. I'll report back on that in a couple of weeks.

  17. jaminhealth

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    I've been taking DHEA for years 25mg per day and my MD does check my levels annually. My levels are at the upper end of range....SOO MANY do not know this "hormone" and their docs won't go there....integrative MD's do.

    DHEA boosts energy, mood, we age all our hormones decline. jam

    PS: I have a high energy constitution BUT the chronic pain brings me
    a high energy and nasty chronic pain. So I do believe the DHEA works good for
  18. hangininthere

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    Hi Jam.

    Yes, the DHEA improves my chronically everyday depressed mood tremendously, cheers me right up!

    When I take a break from the DHEA, and I'm sitting here bummed out as usual, it works instantly the first capsule I take!

    I'm now trying to stay on the DHEA for a longer period of time this time. To see if maybe I can take it regularly without breaks from it.

    I always start a new supplement out slowly, then experiment to see if I can take it every day or whether I need to take breaks from it off and on, or only need it occasionally as needed.

    Thankfully I can take the grapeseed capsule every single day for years, because I need that every day for my runny nose, yayyyy.

    My state Medicaid won't even pay for a Vitamin D test. In other words, my insurance is so way behind the times, just as many mainstream doctors are to this day.

    So I just have to experiment with things myself, hit or miss. So thankful for this support group where I can get ideas on things to try.

  19. jaminhealth

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    Patti, ProHealth sells DHEA and you can always "talk" to them about use, etc...also check their customer reviews...many supp companies have tons of revews on their products, I check them a lot for my own info.....
  20. hangininthere

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    Hi Jam and All.

    I get my supplements at my favorite place online, for almost half the price as everywhere else. I wish I could support ProHealth by buying them here, but can't because I'm on a small fixed income. So have to buy cheap for my own sake.

    Yep, I always research online plus read the reviews on everything - pick up some good clues from the customer reviews on everything from supplements to choosing a new lamp like I did last month.

    Yesterday, after a couple or three weeks on the DHEA, I had to take a break from the DHEA for a few weeks or so before I get back on it. I got a sicky feeling all over. I suspect my liver is a poor metabolizer, and needs the break to clear out the overload. Developed a side-effect, even though it continues to strengthen me and cheer me up.

    I'm now taking a charcoal capsule a day to clear out the overload. Works like magic.

    Luckily I can take grapeseed every single day for years with no build-up of side-effects.