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    Just wanted to share something that really works in our household. Not only with hubby and kids but with friends also. I use energy points. I give myself 10pts at the beginnig of the day. When someone expects something more of me and I am at the end of my energy level. I will tell them my energy level in points. Yesterday hubby wanted me to do some yard work and I had spent most of my points doing other physical things. I told him I only had 3 pts left and that I was going to spend that energy on feeding the family and cleaning up. It totally works!!! It is a visual and audible way for him to see that I am all used up.
    I do this with my friends too. We ride horse and after a 4-5 hr ride I have spent many points. When they want to go for one more hr I tell them nope I cannot- no pts left!
    I do not use this to get out of things just use it so that others no I am done!
    Hubby used it the other day. I asked him to do something- he said nope no more points. It works.
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    to get home the conseqeunces of our limited energy reserves. It's just so sensible and practical and helps to get the point across to those around us.

    I'm sure a lot of board members will find this really useful.


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    that sounds a lot like the "energy bank" we used in one of the dealing-with-fibro classes I took. It really does work well. Someone else suggested using marbles ... something tangible that all can see ... to represent energy levels. At the beginning of the day you have "all your marbles" ... use a rating system for tasks (ironing = 2 marbles) and take them out of the container as you use them. Fun idea, but it hurts my brain to concentrate that much!!

    Jan ^v^

  4. mamafurr

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    now all i need is a calculator..LOL. also to figure out what is worth what...ok i got it..emptying the dishwasher just used up all my points! oh well

  5. tandy

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    How nice it must be to have a functioning brain!(I would have never thought of this idea!!LOL) and let me tell ya....I'm gonna use this in my household!!! starting tomorrow!! Thanks so much.....your brilliant!
  6. tandy

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    for others to see~this is great!
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    What a wonderful Idea!! I think I am going to try this. Often times there are 2 many withdraws.......from the ole' bank......Thanks 2marrow I start.....
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    Presentation is so important no matter the subject and you have found a perfect way to to communicate your physical limitations to the people in your inner circle. Kuddos to you!!!!!!!!!
  9. bamboo

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    also like the marble idea. . .i'll have to figure out what time to set the marbles out, as i it's hard to tell what time i'm going to START having energy some days! thanks so much for sharing your idea!
  10. BabsFl

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    How many should I start with 10pts.? And if I am using marbles?

    Do you need to take out for all phys. things only and does being online take away pts. ?

    I know this is alot of ?? But yesterday I had brain fog. lol I would like to start and needed some good advice.

    I am going to let everyone know today what I am going to do and if they get upset with me because I am out and can't go with them or do for them Too Bad. I hate to day it like that but some people around me just don't understand..still
    I am trying to learn to say no...I have put myself back many times to make others happy and now know I have to take care of my self. It is just so hard, guilt, guilt, guilt! I am the person that wants everyone happy. Y I got to be that way??? Oh well no more babeling.....thanks for advice

    This is such a wonderful idea
    Sorry about the whine......
  11. Sandyz

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    I love this idea too. Not only does it put up some boundries for family and friends and help them understand, but for ourselves as well so we don`t over do it.

    Thanks for the great suggestion.