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    hi engel just wondering haw you are feeling. i am not so good today. this fm is really getting me more than ever.
  2. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

  3. Engel

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    I am sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly hun. Hopefully this weather will even out and give us some much needed relief. ((((( hugs ))))))

    How is the new "do" working out? I need to get mine cut again but I can't have them wash it (hurts my head and neck too badly). I will have to find out when that gal that cut it last time is in.

    I went to a pyschiatrist this morning and I am more depressed AFTER the shrink ... lol. I did not like him AT ALLLLLL. So he thinks I have AHDD ... more meds for that now. Plus depression. Just found out last week that I have degenerative disc disease and have to get hold of a neuro-surgeon because I possibly have it further down in the spine. That's just ducky ... lol. Is there any end to all of this crap??? So then my Dad and my son came over to mow. What a #%&@ disaster. My yard looked better before. I think I am going to hide a camera somewhere when they come around and tape just how rotten they treat me. Maybe then someone would believe me? No wonder I am depressed. The shrink said to quit doing anything for my ungrateful monster of a son. I also have teeth badly in need of attention. I just can't take all of this. My brand new glasses just fell apart ... so that is another trip to get them fixed. I am waiting to find out if my STD got extended. Just stress and more stress. :-( I got chicken and made pasta salad thinking "they" (Dad and son) were coming around dinner time to do the mowing. So now I have a ton of pasta salad and 2 whole chickens to eat myself ... lol. I marinated the chicken halves in Italian dressing overnite and am going to grill them. I guess I can freeze some of the meat after I grill it. I don't know what I am going to do with all of that pasta salad though. I better get to googling BBQ 101 to find out how long to cook that chicken on the grill. I hope you feel better soon hun :).
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    is dinner i love chicken like that!!!!!! i am sorry you are having a horrible time with your son and dad. someday they will get theirs!!!!! i have to go to the physo dr. tomorrow. at 8am yuk! i have had a headache everys=day for sometime now can't gat rid of it. i have maxalt and it helps it sometimes make it go away but i wake up the next morning with it back. i smell very strong right now because of my o24 but what a help i think i will use it in the morning to go to the physao dr. i am supposed to be there 2 hrs.guess he will see i can't stand long can't sit long well you konow how it is.

    why arw your son and dad so mean to you?? have you talked to them about it? well i am here for you wish i could give you numbers or email adresses to talk to you more but you will be in my prayers.

    oh and the do is good i just have to get use to all that gook in my hair[This Message was Edited on 05/02/2007]
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    mine cleared up with a cpap machine. I was a "doubter" but after sleeping with it for a couple of weeks I can really tell a difference with the headaches. Have you had a sleep study?

    Beats me about Dad & son. I guess I am just a nuisance/problem to them. I went to all of the trouble to wash dry and hang all of his clothes ... had to go out and buy hangers since he didn't bring any. I came in the house and he took all of the shirts off the hangers (and probably just threw them in the basket!!!!!!!). I have a hard time folding things otherwise I would have done that myself and saved $3 and gas money running to the store. Dad was really irritated with mowing (probably why MOM ALWAYS DID IT). I am going to get someone to do it for $$$ which is going to be really rough on me, but at least I don't have to put up with being treated like garbage.

    BTW ... Pat460 (I think that's right) has been trying to get you attention too ... lol

    (((((( hugs ))))))) I hope you feel better soon
  6. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    has to sleep with a machine. but i have not had a sleep study done (yet). but i can tell you without sleep meds i would stay up all night and then take a nap the next day maybe and then the next week all i do is sleep, i am very weird. lol and i did peply to pat thank you for letting me know. hers was another post that had gotten deleted.

    thanks again

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