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    Thank you so much for responding to my post the other day about my diagnosis of BP. I took your advice and my daughter picked up the book you recommended at the library for me. I'm already nearly 1/2 the way through it, and you were right! THe info in it is much better than the net.

    Being much less frustrated and confused has helped me a lot. It actually mentions in the book that being bipolar does seem to go along with CFS and FM, which made me also feel better because I got the impression from my therapist that she maybe didn't believe in FM....will discuss that with her next visit.

    AND, with all the info in the book, I can also see that it is quite possible that she is right and I do have it. I really am quite opposed to having ANYTHING! lol:) Was the same way when they said I had fibro, and I already knew that for years before being dx'd. Guess I want to be perfect, and I know I certainly am not.

    Again, thank you so much for all your help. You saved me a great deal of grief. Have a good day!!
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